Design of Mechanical Hydraulic Jack. osakeya.infoh, MohdSalahuddin b. MohdJibranBaig,MdAzam Ali Farooky,. Mohammed Siddique Ahmed, MohdRiyazUddin. PDF | On Oct 1, , Sherry Kwabla Amedorme and others published Modification of an Existing Small Hydraulic Jack for Lifting Light Duty. The primary mechanism with which force is applied varies, depending on the specific type of jack, but is typically a screw thread or a hydraulic cylinder. Hydraulic jacks tend to be stronger and can lift heavier loads higher, and include bottle jacks and floor jacks.

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Hydraulic Jacks & Tools User information. The system pressure determines the force of the hydraulic cylinder. The oil displacement determines the piston travel. A hydraulic jack operates based on this two cylinder system. .. water to Paris was lost in the files, not to be discovered and publicized till late in the last century . . Operating Manual - Jacks C (JHS).docx. Seite 1. OPERATION MANUAL. Please read first before starting work. HYDRAULIC JACKS JHS. Type. JHS 3. JHS 5.

Musharaf Waheed 2. Objective Objective of this company is to provide ease to car holders with our best technical skills and latest equipment. Key to Success Our company success based on innovative product. Zafar Iqbal 4. We imports electrical scissor car jacks and electrical hydraulic double cylinder car jack first one is use to just lift up the car and other one is lift up the car and rotate. And the partners are 1. Mission By introducing innovative products to dole out the customers. So we decide to bring some innovative product in Pakistan. Yasir Zafar 3.

Large hydraulic jack may be provided with two pumps.

Enerpac | Europa, Middle East, Afrika, India | POWERFUL SOLUTIONS. GLOBAL FORCE.

In other word is a device used invariably in the in the machinery and equipment. The device itself is light and portable but the device is capable of exerting great force. Hydraulic jacks are typically used for shop work, rather than as an emergency jack to be carried with the vehicle. Use of jacks not designed for a specific vehicle requires more than the usual care in selecting ground conditions, the jacking point on the vehicle, and to ensure stability when the jack is extended.

Hydraulic jacks are often used to lift elevators in low and medium rise buildings [9]. Table 2properties for housing material 1. Oil is used since it is self-lubricating and stable.

When the plunger pulls back, it draws oil out of the reservoir through a suction check valve into the cylinder. The suction valve ball is within the chamber and opens with each draw of the plunger.

The discharge valve ball is outside the chamber and opens when the oil is pushed into the cylinder. At this point the suction ball within the chamber is forced shut and oil pressure builds in the cylinder. When the handle is moved upward, ball 1 is seated and fluid is drawn from the reservoir through the screen into the valve assembly. From there fluid enters the plunger cylinder [11].

Continues operations of the pump will create sufficient pressure to raise the first stage ram. Until it hits the stop of the second stage ram with the additional pressure. The second stage ram will be raised until it hits the stop of the third stage ram. If the pressure is still continued, the third stage ram will be raised to the full height of lift until it hits the stop of the cylinder. At the end of the travel of the rams or with an over load applied to the jack. Excessive pressure from the continued pump unseats ball and flied is by passed to the reservoir with this occurs the handle will suddenly drop or go soft during the pumping stoke.

If the releasing screw is opened pressure is released through unseated ball and fluid to the reservoir [5]. The following figure shows how hydraulic bottle jack works. Operating instruction Prior to its first use, make sure to check for proper hydraulic oil level in the bottle jack. Then roughly test the bottle jack for proper prior to its actual size.

If the jack appears not to be working properly it may be necessary to bleed its hydraulic air of excess air. To do so [5]. To lift continuous pumping until load reaches desired.

O-ring sealing a. O-ring are torus-shaped seals of circular cross-section made from a variety of elastomeric and are used in static and dynamic condition. Solid ram iii.

Hollow rams v. Cylinder cylinder ram; just like hollow ram it is subjected to fluid friction, compressive load, tensile load, buckling and corrosion. Plunge with plunge rod viii. Nut ix. Top-cup with square thread saddle x. Handle and handle socket xi. Handle socket pins and releasing screws xii.

Base plate xiii. Ball for releasing and safety valve reservoir: It assures the safety of machine member from failure and hence is termed as factor of safety and may be designated as N or F.

S may be arbitrary selected as 3 to 5 based on yielding or 5 to 7 based on fracture failure [9]. It is most commonly made of cast iron or cast steel although welding is also used as a means of fabrication. Design of housing begins when the other elements of a mechanism have been designed in every detail. Housing is almost always the biggest part of a mechanism. It is usually made as a closed box, so that the rest parts are mounted inside it.

In this respect the housing also serves as a guard [5].

On the other hand, the housing isolates surrounding, including personal, from the mechanism. The housing is an assembly basis for the rest of parts and unit of the mechanism. There for it should meet some obligatory requirement; Because mechanism is assembled inside the housing, the latter must be designed so as to enable assembly operation and the control of parameters to be checked after assembly.

Alignment of pieces and shapes of housing Means must be provided to get the various pieces of the housings to line up properly when the machine is assembled. Because of this, and to aid assembly, the holes through which the bolts pass are considerably larger than the bolts completely incapable of accurately aligning the housing parts [5].

Supporting the housing The housing, which commonly supports the machine parts, must itself be supported on a floor or foundation surface. This is generally accomplished by forming a base as part of the housing.


The base is on only one piece of the housing and the housing should be designed with this in mind. If more than one piece of the housing were extended downward to rest on the floor or foundation, difficulty would be encountered in trying to get the bottom surfaces of the pieces to line up together. Hence the base should be made of one piece wherever possible [5].

First select with the appropriate diameter. Then face and turn the work piece according to the dimensions. Make internal groove for O-ring with the required thickness and depth. Finally, with the precise finishing machine make finishing. Initially select the blank work piece with the required dimension and faces the work piece by using lathe machine for the required and exact dimension II.

Secondly drill the internal blind with the required dimension diameter by using lathe machine without missing the center III.

Make the blank by casting with a dimension of the nearest to the exact dimension and bore and turn the internal and external part by using lathe machine.

Make groove for the O-ring seal with the appropriate dimension. Finish material or machine like internal and external grinding machine. By using casting process make the lower base plate blanks which is suitable for machining II. Correct the casting blank for the appropriate dimensions. Drill the upper surface for the fluid passage to the required diameter and make thread for releasing screw with 1mm pitch.

Make thread the upper inner surface to tight the cylinder and the reservoir with a metallic thread engagement part with 1mm pitch by using lathe machine.

Finally make the necessary surface finish. Select the blank work piece with a required dimension and by using lathe machine face and turn for the required dimension. Make a thread with a square thread by using the appropriate pitch and use milling machine for easiness, when using indenting to this thread, use the appropriate pitch.

Finally use the necessary fining by using surface finishing machine For the handle The handle is made from the round bar. Turn the round bar and face with the required specification.

Make to some length knurling for good griping ability. Finally make the required surface finish. It is usually made by extrusion process. The socket is made from socket metal of the required thickness.

Cut the sheet metal with the correct lay out by using cutter machines. Drill the socket metal for pin connection with a drilling machine. Prepare hollow round bar with the required dimension. Bore the round bar by using lathe machine to the required diameter. Make thread by using lathe machine on the lower part of it. And make hexagonal head by using milling machine on the upper part of it.

Finally make the necessary finishing. Make the blank by casting with the nearest dimension that enables as to make the exact dimension bore and turn the dimension by using lathe machine with the required dimension. Make the groove for O-ring seal with the appropriate depth with by using lathe machine on the top inner surface of the cylinder. Make precise surface finishing by using surface grinding machine.


Finally, on the lower part and on the upper part make a thread for thigh ting with the top cup and base plate For octagonal top cup STEPS; I. By using casting process make the top cup handle which is suitable for machining.

Make some correction the casting for the appropriate dimension. Next make a thread at the lower and upper inner surface to tighten the cylinder and the reservoir with a metallic thread arrangement part with 1mm pitch by using lathe machine IV.

Finally make necessary surface finishing process.

O-ring O - Ring seal made from rubber compound by the process vocalizations. First make mold for the vocalizations process then, insert the compound on it. The reservoir can be manufactured from the sheet metal with the appropriate thickness. First prepare a sheet metal with appropriate thickness, width and height. Then, roll the sheet metal by using rolling machine. Next weld the rolled metal using welding machine.

Finally make a necessary surface finish LINK: A stamped shell enclosed the ram and cylinder to form the fluid reservoir [9].

Assembly procedure The following steps will help us to assemble the hydraulic bottle jack. First put all components of HBJ in order pair and identify the dimension of all components. Put the base on the on the flat table. Assemble the cylinder with the base together with the base plate. Assemble the reservoir to base together with sealing part. Insert O-ring and seal of nut to piston. Assemble piston to the piston. Assemble nut to piston. Insert adjusting screw and adjusting screw socket to piston road to get ram.

Assemble O-ring pump, plunger. Assemble plunger, spring bolt, short pin, link plate, and swing socket. Assemble oil fill plug, pin, release valve seal, boll, and spring with base. Finally assemble the handle section by lining up the spring detent in the rubber grip section with the slot in the other section. Disassembly procedure Steps; 1. Clean table keep the work area clean and well it 2.

Use manuals 3. Open the jack base. Drain the hydraulic oil. Open the bottle jack unit. Safely over load the check valve.

Disassemble the plunger. Clean the bottle jack unit passage ways.

Project ppt on hydraulic jack

Release the valves O-ring. Disassemble the ram seal. We found that the hydraulic bottle jack was very difficult to be used because this types of jack needed more strength and energy to operate this jack by hydraulic. Thus, we want to develop a product based from the problem faced by the users who drive a car regarding to this issue.

To overcome this problem, a research has been conducted to find the solution on how to design a hydraulic scissor jack for the car using the simplest and cheapest way while it is energy saved.

Although there were many ways to solve this problem, we recommend that the design this hydraulic scissor jack system is the practical way when as considered all the factors and consequences especially about the analysis to develop this product. During the research, we have found that most of the car user has difficulties in maintaining their vehicles breakdown especially cars in the scope of changing tires. In general: First, to minimize the labor force that west when lifting hydraulic in hydraulic bottle jack by changing the system from mechanical to hydraulic Because, mechanically operated scissor jack is difficult for a person who have a hand problem when they went to lift something.

Second position, the most common problem encountered while using mechanical scissor jack is the minimum life time due to familiarity of jack components. This project will have to minimize this by designs hydraulic bottle jack. And its analysis along with structural improvements to make such a modified jack that is very stable and can take enough loads on uneven surfaces and somewhat inclination is also allowed. This project used to develop a hydraulic bottle jack such that it is cost effective, having a long life and can be handled roughly for the following date considering in design process.

This situation encountered are too varied to allow this. However, it is possible to point out a general procedure which will in the majority cases, prove to be help full to the designer. This general procedure can be stated in the form of steps as follow [8]. SlideShare Explore Search You. Submit Search. Successfully reported this slideshow.

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