Ryujin CP | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Oku Diagram of crease pattern from origami dragon by Satoshi Kamiya. Un-be-lieve . Origami Ryujin TUTORIAL !. Ryu Jin Lessons from a Master Origami Diagrams, How To Make Origami, Origami allowed to learn how to fold Satoshi Kamiya's Ryujin by an extraordinarily talented folder who goes under the Origami Diagrams, Firefly Serenity, Pdf. CPS__RYUJIN_KAMIYA_SATOSHI - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read CP´S RYUJIN KAMIYA SATOSHI Kamiya Satoshi - Wasp (Origami).

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Origami Ryujin 3.5 Diagram Pdf

Ryujin - Satoshi kamiya (en progreso):D. Ryujin - Satoshi kamiya (en progreso). Ryujin - Satoshi kamiya (en progreso):D. Done. Please I would email you a origami book PDF of your choice for free! Also if you didn't know Kamiya's book doesn't have Ryujin diagrams. 作:神谷哲史; 創作年:xx; 折図 / Diagram:--用紙:楮和紙; 神谷作品中最も( Origami Ryujin test fold designed by Satoshi Kamiya. folded in the period of a .

An album of my first Ryujin 3. Three weeks of work payed off! I'm amazed at how well the crease pattern works. The model really flows together well the details are incredible! Below are some pics of my folding process and some tips as well! Test folds and test folds and test folds and test folds I did a TON of test folds before starting the whole thing.

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An album of my first Ryujin 3.5 by Satoshi Kamiya!

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Visibility Others can see my Clipboard. The paper is a little difficult to manage, but it's better than trying to collapse everything at one. Finished top half Here's the top half of the CP folded with the scales also half-shaped. Leg The front legs look better than the hind legs on my model. I was more careful doing them a second time so the scales turned out cleaner.

Joining the two halves When the two pieces connect, it looks like 4 scales over lap. I tried to unfold a portion of each side and then double fold them, but it didn't really work. For the most part, one side is just squashed underneath the layers on top. Shaped head! I got all the details I wanted in the head like the upper and lower fangs, the "whiskers" and all the horns.

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I improvised eyes which I think look pretty good on the head. It's really just wrapping the head around degrees. Tail Some of this was improvised. Should both of those fail, then I think you'll need more experience before attempting this model.

And just so you know, sending PDFs of published material is illegal without the designer's permission--which I doubt said designer would give. After the fall, we rise. My Flickr.

Ryujin 3.5 - Satoshi kamiya (en progreso)

Also if you didn't know Kamiya's book doesn't have Ryujin diagrams, it doesn't speak well to you doing your own research first and thus unlikely to finish a Ryujin. All my stuff: I can play the videos just fine. But seriously, this is some bloody useful information. I wonder what type of paper he's using.

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