Adventurer's. Armory mither, May 7, . This Pathfinder Companion book works best with the Pathfinder Roleplaying. PZO Adventurer's Views. 4 years ago. Bonus, · Smither, · Shield, · Armor, · Alchemical, · Pathfinder, · Items, · Penalty. Errata for the first printing of the Adventurer's Armory is available as a free download ( MB zip/PDF). Updated Thursday, July 21, Note: This product is.

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Adventurer's Armory, a Pathfinder Companion by Jonathan Keith, On July 7, , the PDF version was updated to include these corrections. Advanced Race Guide, Adventurer's Armory, the Pathfinder. Campaign Setting line, Paizo's annual RPG Superstar design contest, and more. Mixed in with. Starfinder Armory · Starfinder Roleplaying Game · Pathfinder System. Nickname. PDF Version. Version Publisher. Paizo Publishing. Alternate Names.

Overview[ edit ] The main setting is the same solar system of Golarion , the main planet of Pathfinder. The other planets were previously introduced in the Pathfinder sourcebook "Distant Worlds". The system refers to themselves as The Pact Worlds. There are going to be hardcover books and Starfinder Adventure Paths, much like Pathfinder has, as well as Organized Play in the form of the Starfinder Society. So it's possible to bring your Pathfinder character's to the Starfinder universe if you have a godo explanation of why. FTL travel was revealed by the new deity Triune and is achieved by traveling through a dimension called the Drift. Whenever a ship enters the Drift, it drags entire segments of reality from elsewhere into the Drift with it.

Adventurer favorites, like bladed boots and spring-loaded wrist sheaths! New uses, rules, and tricks for mundane gear! Divine items that react to channeled energy! Power components for spells!

An alchemist cohort to keep you supplied in the field! It initially sold out before reaching Paizo's warehouse, and was quickly reprinted.

On July 7, , the PDF version was updated to include these corrections. It is unclear if PDFs downloaded between July 11 and July 30 are the completely corrected version intended for the second printing, or the incorrect version sent to the printer. Some time later the second print began to ship. Unlike its PDF counterpart, the title page was not updated to indicate that it was the second printing, [4] and the only way to distinguish it from the first printing was to check for the updated text on page 4.

In November it was reported that the second printing was selling better than expected, but a third printing wasn't expected any time soon. This printing was fully updated with the errata that was intended for the reprint, and unlike the previous reprint, the title page was updated to read "Second printing January ".

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Well… here they are. You can get a necrograft version of an existing augmentation, or the Armory gives you undead-specific choices, such as the Black Heart, which gives you the environmental bonuses of armor and increased saves against most things that affect the living sleep, paralysis, etc.

Better read the paperwork, though — the minute you install one of these, you gain the necrograft subtype, which makes you kinda-sorta undead.

Ummmmm… Rusty? Is there anything you want to tell us?


Were they able to do something similar with this book? Again, I think they hit the mark pretty well. Another example: weapon manufacturers. At a nuts-and-bolts level, you can pay a small bump in weapon cost to get the in-game effect offered by a particular manufacturer. Ereus Teletech is based on lashunta telepathy, so their weapons have a psychic signature and can only be used by the owner. Ichihara Holdings has perfected their use of modular parts to such a degree that their weapons are easier to repair.

Zeizerer Munition specializes in ammunition, translating to larger ammo capacities. And so on.

The in-game effects are certainly useful, but you also get this neat little dump of world lore that I find fascinating. So yes, you get lore… maybe not galore even though it rhymes , but they did manage to pack some tidbits around the edges. Those were the biggest general concerns, and I think the Armory delivered pretty well on those. But the economy of healing still feels a little off.

Did they address this at all with the Armory?

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Well… sorta. The Conserving fusion refunds your ammo if you miss. Or, if your beam is stopped by an obstacle, a teammate could move that obstacle and give the beam a chance to hit new targets.

The Rebounding fusion lets you bank a shot off one surface at a -4 penalty, so you can potentially get around total cover by shooting off a wall. You know — the jazz improv portion of the review, if you will. Shell Knuckles: take a standard punching glove, load the knuckles with shotgun shells.

Low-tech, but wonderfully violent.

Hm... Are You a Human?

Very gothy. Nanite Weapons: more of a class of weapon than a single weapon, you hit with these weapons, and they release nanites that burrow into the target and do damage. Just in case you want your character to make money on the side renting out ad space. Stag-Step Suit: Teleportation. It bears repeating. X-Legs: An augmentation that lets you replace your legs with a four-legged spider-chassis.