Way of the Wicked Book 1 - Knot of Thorns - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Pathfinder Adventure Path by Fire Mountain . Way of the Wicked - #01 - Knot of Thorns (Free Preview).pdf, , KB Way of the Wicked - #02 - Call Forth Darkness - Player osakeya.info . Pathfinder is a registered trademark of Paizo Publishing, LLC, and the Pathfinder . Put on your best black hat and get ready to walk the Way of the Wicked.

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LLC, and are used under the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Compatibility License . See osakeya.info for more information on the. Index of /public/Books/osakeya.info Party/Fire Mountain/ Jan- 9M Way of the Wicked - #01 - Knot of osakeya.info Jan . This game uses character creation rules from the Way of the Wicked Player's Guide. This is a free download from FireMountainGames but an online pdf can be .

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They managed to escape their prison cell without too much fuss, and make their way towards the exit. Three of them were knocked unconscious during melee combats that could have been avoided but no one has yet died. Several of the players played out their dark-side. For example, the necromancer of the group decided to kill 4 innocent, unarmed, unarmored servants.

Pathfinder way of the wicked player's guide pdf – SG Math Ninja

Sure, she could have pumped them for information, but decided that hurling splashes of acid at them would be so much more fun. Of course, the Dhampir cleric used one as a blood bank. There was much laughter throughout the game, as each character explored the darker side of their nature. Each one said it was fun to play in a campaign like no other.


But what about my opinion of the adventure itself? Impeccable manners and arrogance hide a truly vile man, disappointed by society and hell-bent, quite literally, on taking what he perceives as his rightful place.

By the way: The non-psionic version of the Cavian-race is used — I would have enjoyed a Psionics Unleashed-compatible version, but oh well. Glimemrshade, a sasori scorpion-people rogue aspiring to become an assassin makes for a weird, chatty killer that actually really enjoys her profession and brings the joy of killing, painfully, to the table.

The barbarian takes his nickname seriously as all hell, an acquired name being every significant to his people and thus seeks to defile and destroy anything related to Mitra. Perhaps the most tragic of the villains herein would be the sorceror Zachris Swayne — he lost his family to cheating bastards and had to spend a life on the streets — until his latent sorcerous powers awakened and allowed him a chance to exact revenge.

His revenge was cruel and his lack of manners contrasts sharply with his high charisma score. In his mind, Zachris is a victim, bent on making foes pay and escape his perceived role as a victim of circumstances and the world in general. Click HERE for explanations on how we can address some of these issues. Welcome to Way of the Wicked, an evil campaign where PCs walk the path of villainy. Any race with a fly speed is disallowed. Other races may be permitted on request.

Nothing too freakish please.


No Chaotic Evil Anti-paladins. Must choose Asmodeus as patron deity. Willing to allow arch-devil or diabolism. Fine, but no animal companions that are feline tigers, lions, etc and no dinosaurs either. Emerging guns is the guns level. Discouraged but not forbidden.

[lf1m] pathfinder way of the wicked on fridays at 12pm est

Not a fan. WAY too broken. Unchained rules are fine though Unchained Rogue comes highly recommended 3rd party classes may be allowable on request. New Archetypes are available:.

Way of the Wicked

I WILL rewrite enemy stats to target power gamers if you try to pull a fast one. HP Full hp at first level. For each level roll a die equal to half your class HD and add half of your HD to the roll. A fighter rolls a d5 and adds 5 to the total. A wizard rolls a d3 and adds 3 to the total. AGE No young template.

No middle aged, old or venerable characters. All other characters need not be especially devout but all must at least show passing respect for Asmodeus.

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