PHANTOMS []. BY DEAN R. KOONTZ. Synopsis: When Jenny returns to her medical practice in Snowfield after attending the death of her mother, she. Dean Koontz - () - Phantoms. Read more · Koontz, Dean R - Phantoms · Read more Dean R. Koontz - Phantoms · Read more. PHANTOMS [] BY DEAN R. KOONTZ Synopsis: When Jenny returns to her medical practice in Snowfield after attending.

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Phantoms Dean Koontz Pdf

Phantoms by Dean Koontz (PDF) is a shocking and merciless thriller novel. In a literally dead town, hundreds were dead and missing. Phantoms is a novel by American writer Dean Koontz, first published in The story is a version of the now-debunked urban legend. Phantoms By Dean Koontz - [Free] Phantoms By Dean Koontz [PDF] [EPUB] novel by American writer Dean Koontz, first published in

Plot summary[ edit ] Jenny and Lisa Paige, two sisters, return to Jenny's hometown of Snowfield, California, a small ski resort village nestled in the Sierra-Nevada Mountains where Jenny works as a doctor, and find no one alive. The few bodies they find are either mutilated, or reveal some strange form of death. Finally, after growing more alarmed by the town's mysterious and alarming situation Jenny manages to call police in a neighboring town to come help. Together, the girls and the police, led by Sheriff Bryce Hammond, are able to request help from the military Biological Investigations Unit. The police managed to find only one clue as to what was causing the town's disappearances and deaths. A victim of whatever was trying to kill him managed to write the name Timothy Flyte on a mirror moments before he was killed. Flyte is a British academic and author of a book, The Ancient Enemy. His book catalogs and describes various mass vanishings of people in different parts of the world over the centuries. It is discovered that the town was built over the hibernating place of one such Enemy, a creature known as an amoeboid shapeshifter. This Ancient Enemy rarely feeds, but when it does, the effects are devastating. It was theorized that the Enemy either caused or aided in the extinction of the dinosaurs, as well as many of the great mysterious mass vanishings: Mayan civilization , Roanoke , ghost ships, etc. The creature consumes other life forms to increase its mass and is able to perfectly mimic other creatures.

While waiting for the cavalry to arrive, the group searches Snowfield looking for any sign of survivors. More bodies are discovered, as well as empty houses and a cryptic note written on a bathroom mirror; "Timothy Flyte, The Ancient Enemy.

Phantoms by Dean Koontz (PDF)

Bryce Hammond's reports are ignored as the team tries to explain the situation logically, until one of Copperfield's men is taken by whatever creature has been acting in the small town.

Copperfield is finally forced to believe that there is something going on that cannot be explained. It is not long before almost the entire military team, including Copperfield, is killed and consumed by the creature.

The survivors gather in the lab and are amazed when the creature begins to communicate with them through the computer terminals.

Phantoms by Dean Koontz (PDF)

Sara Yamaguchi tries to discover what is causing the horrors in the town and why, but is rebuffed. The creature simply wants Timothy Flyte in Snowfield.

Once in town, Flyte is quickly pulled into the horror when the creature decapitates Frank Autry in front of the group. Flyte's desire to examine the creature up close is granted, and in one of the labs the group discovers that tissue separated from the main body for too long will die. Sara Yamaguchi also discovers the base of the creatures composition and arranges to have Biosan-4, a chemical that destroys oil slicks, delivered to the town.

The group discovers that Biosan-4 does indeed destroy the tissue of the creature and a battle takes place on the main street of Snowfield as the survivors fight for their lives. Flyte dies at the hands of the creature, betrayed by the man it considered its biographer. Tal, Bryce, Jenny and Lisa survive and are finally able to leave the town behind them, though not their troubles.

Dean Koontz - (1983) - Phantoms

Fletcher Kale, a man who Bryce had arrested for the murder of his wife and young son in order to get access to the son's trust fund, is in the woods outside of Snowfield. Having escaped from jail, Kale heads to the cabin of the dead deputy, Jake Johnson, in order to hide and plan. At the site of the cabin, Kale discovers the cave where he hoped to hide is now inhabited by Gene 'Jeter' Terr, the head of the local motorcycle gang, and a strange pulsating blob.


Kale is thrilled to accept Jeter's explanation that the creature is Lucifer and they are its apostles. Support this blog.

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Phantoms Author: Dean Koontz Publisher: Berkley Date Published: February 5, Language: English ISBN Summary Reviews Download. Summary of the Book They found the town silent, apparently abandoned.

Phantoms is an instant classic.

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