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March/April SSLC Examination Question Papers · sslc_question paper june Question Papers APRIL · Question Papers JUNE -RR & PR. SSLC QUESTION PAPERS CCERF-RR. I Language -. Kannada Revised. SSLC QUESTION PAPERS JUNE PR-RR. I Language -. Kannada (PR).

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Sslc Model Question Paper 2015 Karnataka Pdf


Board Examination require proper attention and concentration. Through this paper they are able to get aware the type of questions asked in the Board Exam. It also improve the evaluation system, publish the result etc. The performance of students in SSLC is an important factor to get admission in Higher secondary school of their choice. Name the product other than water formed on burning of ethanol in air. When ethanol burns in air carbon dioxide is the product formed along with water. How can you show that the magnetic field produced by a given electric current in the wire decreases as the distance from the wire increases?

Function of moderator: The moderator serves to slow down the high speed neutrons moving all around the reactor core. High speed neutrons cannot be captured by a U nucleus.

Karnataka Board SSLC Model Question Papers 2019

The common moderators are heavy water and graphite. Sol: c To make an electromagnet you require a long nail, insulated copper wire and a battery. Remove some insulation from the two ends of the copper wire and wind it around the nail.

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Then connect the two ends of the wire to the two terminals of the battery. The wire should be wrapped in one direction only because the direction of the magnetic field depends on the direction of the current. When you pass the current in the wire the nail gets magnetized What is an alloy?

Sol: a Methane, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and hydrogen are the gases commonly present in biogas. Fossil fuel cause more pollution. What is a nuclear reactor? State one function each of coolant and moderator.

Last 10 years Karnataka SSLC board question papers?

Sol: A device in which electricity is produced by the process of controlled nuclear fission reaction is called nuclear reactor. There are some other nuclear reactors used for production of fissile material and research. Function of coolant: The coolant absorbs the heat released from nuclear fission reaction and transfers it to the water present in heat exchanger.

The commonly used coolants are heavy water, liquid sodium. Function of moderator: The moderator serves to slow down the high speed neutrons moving all around the reactor core.

Name the two major components of normal human urine. Human Urine: Name the blood groups under ABO system. Differentiate between universal donor and universal recipient under this system.

ABO blood groups are determined by using anti-A and anti-B antibodies. A drop of anti-A is placed on one side of a clean glass slide and a drop of anti-B next to it. Then one drop of blood is mixed with each of the drops of antibodies.

If the cells possess antigens which match antibodies on the slide e. If the cells do not have the corresponding antigens there is no clumping — a negative - reaction. If you find something more to add for the improvement of this post,then follow the comment section.

Best of Luck..!!! How to Prepare for Karnataka board class 10 in 2 months?

Last 10 years Karnataka SSLC board question papers?

What is its significance? What will be the genotypic ratio when a pea plant with yellow seeds is crossed with a pea plant with green seeds.

Solved 10th Class Science Sample Paper. About the Author: Aslam agasanal says: K L says: Gururaja says: Deepika says: Anonymous says: Raman MK says: Sachin says: Padma n says: Delishiya says: Ramya says: Akshay Honnappagol says: R says: Ranjitha says: M says: Afsath says: Shrithesh says: Mohammed jafar says: Dev says: Irfan says: Vaishali T Halakarni says: Vaishali says: Sahir says: Shashank says: Sharanya says: L says: Sirigini Priyanka says: Sweta says: Ramayya says: Rajath says: Harshith says: Shashikumar says: Shiva says: Chinnu gowda says: Nizam says: Narasimha says: Rohit says: Basappa says: Dinesha says: Basavaraj says: Amit B Talakeri says: Sameeksha says: Seema Bhanu says: Ram says: Abdul rayan says: Ajay s says: Naveen kumar says:

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