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Tcs Technical Interview Questions Pdf

TCS interview Questions: TCS Technical interview questions and TCS HR interview questions asked by TCS in campus placement. TCS Selection Process: Selecting of Candidates for TCS will be done in 3 phases . Written Test. Technical Interview. HR interview. All are elimination rounds. TCS Technical interview Questions, technical interview, C interview more TCS technical interview questions please download: TCS technical questions pdf.

TCS Interview Questions: TCS Recruits number of candidates every year through Campus recruitment and direct walk-in. TCS Selection Process: Selecting of Candidates for TCS will be done in 3 phases. All are elimination rounds.

TCS technical questions with answers for past 5 years?

Give a few solutions to this problem? Write a program to allot rooms to n students on basis of roll number. Excerpts from Interview 4: A B. Technical interview: Give the difference between the type casting and automatic type conversion. Can you declare a private method as static? Differentiate between copy and default constructor.

What is ifdef? What is its application? You are given a singly linked list. How would you find out if it contains a loop or not without using temporary space? A person was fined for exceeding the speed limit by 10 mph. Another person was also fined for exceeding the same speed limit by twice the same. If the second person was travelling at a speed of 45 mph. What are different errors encountered while complying?

HR Interview: Why do you think makes you a suitable candidate for this job? You are not as experienced as this position demands. How will you cope with it? Rate your communication skills and technical skills. What is your style of management? What irks you the most about your co-workers? Excerpts from Interview 5: A B. The company is further listed in the Bombay Stock Exchange.

TCS is a multi-billion company and is a leading recruiter in India. It recruits thousands of fresh engineers through its campus and off- campus recruitment processes. Thus, for the help of the students and aspirants of the IT sector here are some TCS technical interview questions.

TCS Technical interview Questions: 1. Before interview You should decide your Favorite programming language and be prepared based on that question. Differences between C and Java? Java is an Interpreted language while C is a compiled language. C is a low-level language while JAVA is a high-level language. C uses the top-down approach while JAVA uses the bottom-up approach. In header files whether functions are declared or defined?

Functions are declared within header file. That is function prototypes exist in a header file,not function bodies. They are defined in library lib.

What are the different storage classes in C? The operating system must not de-allocate resources once they have been allocated; they must be released by the holding process voluntarily. Circular Wait: A process must be waiting for a resource which is being held by another process, which in turn is waiting for the first process to release the resource.

What is Insertion sort, selection sort, bubble sort basic differences among the functionality of the three sorts and not the exact algorithms. What is Doubly link list? A doubly linked list is a linked data structure that consists of a set of sequentially linked records called nodes. Each node contains two fields, called links, that are references to the previous and to the next node in the sequence of nodes.

The beginning and ending nodes' previous and next links, respectively, point to some kind of terminator, typically a sentinel node or null, to facilitate traversal of the list. If there is only one sentinel node, then the list is circularly linked via the sentinel node.

It can be conceptualized as two singly linked lists formed from the same data items, but in opposite sequential orders. What is data abstraction? Lets take a person as example and see how that person is abstracted in various situations A doctor sees abstracts the person as patient. The doctor is interested in name, height, weight, age, blood group, previous or existing diseases etc of a person An employer sees abstracts a person as Employee.

The employer is interested in name, age, health, degree of study, work experience etc of a person. Abstraction is the basis for software development.

Its through abstraction we define the essential aspects of a system. The process of identifying the abstractions for a given system is called as Modeling or object modeling. Three levels of data abstraction are: Physical level: Logical level: Database administrator 3. View level: What is command line argument? Getting the arguments from command prompt in c is known as command line arguments. In c main function has three arguments.

They are: Argument counter Argument vector Environment vector. Advantages of a macro over a function? Macro gets to see the Compilation environment, so it can expand defines. It is expanded by the preprocessor.

Auto,register,static,extern Which header file should you include if you are to develop a function which can accept variable number of arguments?

What is cache memory? Cache Memory is used by the central processing unit of a computer to reduce the average time to access memory. The cache is a smaller, faster memory. As long as most memory accesses are cached memory locations, the average latency of memory accesses will be closer to the cache latency than to the latency of main memory.

What is debugger? A debugger or debugging tool is a computer program that is used to test and debug other programs. However if you had something like: Char p is modifiable but the pointer isn't. What is Memory Alignment? Data structure alignment is the way data is arranged and accessed in computer memory. It consists of two separate but related issues: Explain the difference between 'operator new' and the 'new' operator?

The difference between the two is that operator new just allocates raw memory, nothing else. The new operator starts by using operator new to allocate memory, but then it invokes the constructor for the right type of object, so the result is a real live object created in that memory. If that object contains any other objects either embedded or as base classes those constructors as invoked as well.

Difference between delete and delete[]? The keyword delete is used to destroy the single variable memory created dynamically which is pointed by single pointer variable.


What is conversion constructor? A conversion constructor is a single-parameter constructor that is declared without the function specifier 'explicit'. The compiler uses conversion constructors to convert objects from the type of the first parameter to the type of the conversion constructor's class.

What is a spanning Tree? A spanning tree is a tree associated with a network. All the nodes of the graph appear on the tree once. A minimum spanning tree is a spanning tree organized so that the total edge weight between nodes is minimized.

Why should we use data ware housing and how can you extract data for analysis with example? If you want to get information on all the techniques of designing, maintaining, building and retrieving data, Data warehousing is the ideal method.

A data warehouse is premeditated and generated for supporting the decision making process within an organization. Here are some of the benefits of a data warehouse: In this way, it becomes easier to report and analyze information. This makes the reporting and analyzing process simpler.

TCS Placement Papers

Data mining is a powerful new technology to extract data for analysis. This attribute is evident if you run above C program. Stack data structure. Recursion makes use of system stack for storing the return addresses of the function calls. Every recursive function has its equivalent iterative non-recursive function.

Even when such equivalent iterative procedures are written, explicit stack is to be used. Differentiate between Complier and Interpreter?

An interpreter reads one instruction at a time and carries out the actions implied by that instruction. It does not perform any translation.

TCS Technical C & C++ interview questions for CSE & IT

But a compiler translates the entire instructions. What is scope of a variable? Scope refers to the visibility of variables. It is very useful to be able to limit a variable's scope to a single function.

In other words, the variable wil have a limited scope. What is an interrupt? Interrup t is an asynchronous signal informing a program that an event has occurred. When a program receives an interrupt signal, it takes a specified action.

What is user defined exception in Java? The keywords used in java application are try, catch and finally are used in implementing used-defined exceptions. This Exception class inherits all the method from Throwable class.

What is java Applet? Applet is java program that can be embedded into HTML pages. Java applets runs on the java enables web browsers such as mozila and internet explorer. Applet is designed to run remotely on the client browser, so there are some restrictions on it.

Applet can't access system resources on the local computer.

Applets are used to make the web site more dynamic and entertaining. What do you know about the garbage collector?

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