Under the Never Sky is a young adult debut novel by Veronica Rossi and is the first in a trilogy. The book follows two teens, a girl that has always lived within a protected city Book 2 of the trilogy, Through the Ever Night, was released in the United States on January 8, "Into the Still Blue (Under the Never Sky, #3)". Under the Never Sky book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. WORLDS KEPT THEM osakeya.infoY BROUGHT THEM. Under the Never Sky book. Read 34 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. This collection includes all three novels and two novellas in t.

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Under The Never Sky Book

(Book one of the Under the Never Sky Trilogy) Continuing with Through the Ever Night and concluding with Into the Still Blue, the Under the Never Sky trilogy . Into the Still Blue (Under the Never Sky Trilogy) by Veronica Rossi Start reading Through the Ever Night (Under the Never Sky Book 2) on your Kindle in under. customer reviews. Book 1 of 3 in the Under the Never Sky Series . Into the Still Blue (Under the Never Sky Trilogy). Total price: Through the Ever Night ( Under the Never Sky Trilogy) by Veronica Rossi Paperback $ Only 19 left in .

Skip to Content. Get age-based picks. The setting of this sci-fi adventure story is reasonably well thought-out, but the futuristic elements -- immersive virtual reality, biotechnology, psychic abilities, and genetic mutation -- aren't explored with any particular scientific rigor. The novel emphasizes the importance of being true to both yourself and your family obligations. Aria and Peregrine are very focused on their finding their remaining family members. Aria and Peregrine aredriven to push themselves past their limits for the benefit of their families. Although shielded from harsh reality for most of her life, Aria quickly adapts to life Outside, moving forward without complaint, even though she's ill-equipped to deal with the demands of her journey. Peregrine adheres to a warrior's code and can be brutal when circumstances demand it. But he's sensitive to Aria's needs and is deeply devoted to his young nephew, Talon. Life outside the protected enclaves in Under the Never Sky is harsh, and there's a fair amount of violence and death depicted in the novel, incuding arson and bloodshed. Peregrine is a hunter, and he tracks prey both animal and human. He kills a number of opponents with arrows, instigates a knife fight, and ultimately kills someone close to him. Aria also finds herself in a situation where she must use deadly force in self-defense. Another character who has psychic powers similar to pyrokinesis badly burns Peregrine and later decimates a tribe of cannibals.

I suggested these books to a friend of mine as an alternative to read after the Hunger Games. It is an intense coming of age journey epic love story kinda book. I wish they would have played up Aria's gift more Also, the Dome people seemed to be wr I really liked this series and thought the clash between worlds was cool. Also, the Dome people seemed to be written very shallow and 1 dimensional I like to see characters developed a little more I believe people have reasons for being like they are, instead it seems so many authors have good guys verses bad guys and there is no in-between.

No explanation of what made them that way. When in reality everyone is a little of both; Good and Bad. Apr 03, Suzume rated it liked it. I bought the whole trilogy, and then let it sit on my phone for a year before finally giving it another chance!

I was completely bored by the first few chapters of "Under. Fortunately, new engaging characters are quickly added, and it became more interesting. Ultimately, I enjoyed the whole series and really like the characters. Nothing too intense, neither the violence or romance, but enjoyable. I'd recommend it for a teen or adult who likes dystopian ficti I bought the whole trilogy, and then let it sit on my phone for a year before finally giving it another chance!

I'd recommend it for a teen or adult who likes dystopian fiction. Sep 27, Jennifer K rated it did not like it. Things I liked about this book: Unrealistic romance Settings that were too vague to really see Too many unanswered questions and plot holes-- WAAAAY too many plot holes The author moves the story into settings and situations that are just They don't feel natural.

They feel like she was trying to describe a dream where the setting and people keep shifting. Stuff kept happening that didn't actually feel like it was right for the charact Things I liked about this book: Stuff kept happening that didn't actually feel like it was right for the characters Overall, I would not recommend this series Mar 03, Sarah rated it really liked it.

The beginning of the series was a little too slow for me. I don't think that author bothered much to introduce the readers to this " new" world.

I was lost and didn't understand quite well all the tech sci-fi stuff. But once I got used to it, the story flew at incredible pace I confess That I was expecting something epic for the end of the series but I'm content with how it ended it.

I didn't care much for Roar, Liv and Brooke's story but I understand why the author chose to do it. Jul 01, Laura Elizabeth rated it it was amazing. Love, love, love this series! I absolutely adore this series, from the very beginning. And a MC like Perry? And a heroine as strong as Aria?

I also loved the extras on this series, though, I could use a little more of Perry and Aria. Veronica Rossi? Or a POV scene or something! Jan 29, Tracie Williams rated it liked it. I agree with the previous readers that it had a slow start and the characters seemed a bit juvenile, but it became endearing as you moved to the story and forgot about the names of the characters and concentrated more on their content.

I really thought it was exciting and really couldn't wait to see what the author would create for the ending as I saw many possibilities for the outcome. Jul 25, S.

It is amazing, the writing, the story, the characters they are all just amazing. The characters and the narrative is especially great since you get to read different point of views which i always have immensely enjoyed. One of the few books i just could not put down. A must read for sure. Loved it!! Dec 01, Ashli Jones rated it it was amazing. Book description is on point with the "if you loved" part I'm a sucker for the YA books. I loved this series I couldn't help it Aug 18, Esther rated it really liked it.

I like this book quite a lot. I love roar. He's my favo. Perry and aria, well they sometimes feel like every other MC out there you know. And sometimes they have these unique flashes. So the story itself wasn't very original IMO but, the way it told was good.

Nov 14, Mae rated it it was amazing Shelves: Its amazing! Oct 02, Barbie Boothe rated it it was amazing. The way it felt like I was in the story was amazing, I couldn't wait to get to the end to find out what happened. Feb 03, Trisha Evans rated it really liked it. In a genre that is getting flooded with new material, this series stood out among the others for me. A good series.

May 24, Julie Cannady rated it liked it. I think I have already read like the first 4, maybe 5. Good romance easy read. Always looking for another Twilight. Jan 05, Coleen marked it as to-read. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

I am really excited to read this book because the first one was really good. Aug 29, Danielle Marshall rated it liked it. Just when it starts to get interesting, it ends. I also have issues with some of the action sequences feeling too abrupt. Yet I feel this was an improvement from the second installment.

Jan 05, Vicki Owens rated it really liked it. This was a very enjoyable series, with characters whose traits I could admire.

Under the Never Sky: The Complete Series Collection

Aug 28, Roxane Phillips rated it it was amazing. Don't shy away from the slower start, the characters and storyline is a really good story! You find yourself satisfied but not wanting it to end. Mar 04, Kameron Mcintosh rated it really liked it. The begging of the first book was completely boring but got way better as it went on.

Under the Never Sky 14 64 Jan 10, Series read for Dec. Readers also enjoyed. Young Adult. Science Fiction. About Veronica Rossi.

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Veronica Rossi. Film rights to the trilogy have been optioned by Warner Bros. Other books in the series. Under the Never Sky 3 books. Books by Veronica Rossi. Trivia About Under the Never S No trivia or quizzes yet. Welcome back. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

For Love of a Book: Under the Never Sky. Dystopian Society: Um, maybe, but that doesn't necessarily mean good. A knot can be complex, but if your instructions were supposed to be a bow and you did a knot anyway, and nobody around you can untangle it, you didn't really do what you were told to do, and it defeats the purpose. The sky is full of something called "Aether," which I'm guessing is a solar storm. I'm also guessing that being in such close proximity to these probably-radioactive again, never explicitly spelled-out rays forced humanity into hiding.

The heroine, Aria, is one of these: On the other hand, you have Outsiders, or people who don't live in the pods and continue to forage in the ruins of humanity like hunter-gatherers.

Dwellers derogatorily refer to them as Savages. They are tattooed, and a lot of them have X-Men-like powers, which I think they refer to as Scires. The hero, Perry, is one of these. He has two superpowers, the ability to smell "tempers," or emotions, and acute vision. The author certainly didn't provide insight into how humanity diverged, or why. The story kicks off when a bunch of teens go out to be wild, as teens do, and Aria ends up taking the fall for the leader's son.

She gets kicked out of her pod, and left to die in the desert. Here, she meets Perry, who saved her from death already. The way she treats him is pretty awful and until they suddenly decide they are in love, both of them basically hate each others' guts. Aria thinks he's a meanie savage and Perry thinks she's an over-entitled shit who is too stupid to live.

I must admit, my sympathies lay more with Perry - especially when Aria plunges headfirst into a coven of cannibals. You can have post-apocalyptic novels where the end world has little in common with the original.

Margaret Atwood's MaddAdam trilogy is another example, where genetic and technologic manipulation have basically caused society to implode, warping the natural into the unnatural. But both of these books, which I liked incidentally, had solid answers for the hows and the whys.

Too many things were left unanswered, and the story was not really all that different from other HUNGER GAMES copycats who wanted to create that same dystopian environment without adding the same amount of stakes, world-building, or character development. The result? A painful drag of a read. Apr 25, Sh3lly GrumpyBookGrrrl. Oh yeah, oh yeah.

This was awesome! I have had this on my TBR shelf since and it ended up being one of those where you ask yourself, "Why did you wait so long?! There may be some stinkers out there or some big old Mehs, but then you get one like this and are like: Okay, maybe I exaggerate. A little. It's set in a dystopian-like world where a catastrophe has r Oh yeah, oh yeah.

It's set in a dystopian-like world where a catastrophe has rendered the sky into an "Aether," where storms and lightening kill everything from the soil and trees to people. The luckiest people that is arguable went into domes for protection. There, they have developed technology to live in Realms, through an eye piece like a virtual reality. They have changed their biology and physiology so much that the females don't even menstruate anymore!

So, our main character, Aria, gets exiled into the wastelands and meets Peregrine Perry an Outsider. A savage. They form an unlikely and unwilling alliance - Aria wants to find her mom and Perry his nephew. Stuff happens. There are cannibals! Perry and Aria go a place that is protected where a man named Marron is in charge and they live like relatively "normal" people. Perry's kind live in tribes. Those born in the wastelands can have abilities. There are Seers, Auds people who have superpower hearing , Scires people who can smell so well, they can scent emotions and moods.

A romance blossoms, but there is definitely NO instalove. Aria is not a special snowflake or Mary Sue. Some of it was just survival, but I loved the progression of Aria and Perry's relationship. It just slowly sneaks up on you. Perry is BAE. I lurve him soooo much. Aria bugged me at first, but she really grows!

View all 8 comments. While I enjoyed this book, it lacked the wow factor that I was expecting from it, especially since many of the ratings are 4 and 5 stars. Both live in a dystopian world placed hundreds of years after our present.

After a fatal incident brings Aria and Perry together, both of them are cast out from their groups and must battle to survive together. They harbor an extreme dislike for each other, but after working toward a common goal their feelings begin to change. The whole set up was majorly confusing, and really boring. I almost dnf'd this book, but lots of people had said it picks up.

While it did, I sort of never lost that tidbit of confusion throughout the rest of the book. I blame this on the world building. It was a great idea in concept, but sort of fell flat in development. Honestly, the world building was way too half-assed and the plot faded into the background for the majority of the book. And then the ending felt too much like it ended purely to have 1 book become a trilogy.

I think this could have been ended in 1 book, just another hundred pages longer or so. But that's just me. I don't want to continue griping about this book. I did like it, I just didn't love it. The one thing I really liked? All of the point of views from his side were extremely interesting as he's a unique character which a special skill set. Perry pretty much saved the book for me. Yes, but only to those who like YA dystopia. For those willing to venture outside romance and such I would venture elsewhere.

May 12, V. Update March 06th Back to regular price! Not for us Aussies because Harper Collins doesn't think we're an important market,: P but my American friends can download this book at special price. This is a fun, very juvenile, don't-think-too-much-about-it-or-you'll-find-plotholes dystopian romance.

It's been so long since I read it, but I remember liking it. I can't give info on safety, language and sex scenes because I can't remember much: Give it a chance! View all 19 comments. Yeah, that's right—5 stars, glitches! This book is massive champ. Sorry, I just had to find a way to use that Dweller slang somewhere in this review.

Under the Never Sky

Now that I got that out of my system let's get down to business. Under the Never Sky is set in the future where the world is ravaged by Aether storms that strike the earth with fire. Humanity's forced to split into two different societies—the Dwellers and the Outsiders. The Dwellers live in dome Pods and people go about their daily business wea Yeah, that's right—5 stars, glitches! Want to become a mermaid and swim around? Go on ahead.

Interested in the Medieval times? With a quick tap of a button you can be there. The Outsiders are just the opposite. They live off the land—think to more primitive times with hunters and gatherers—and are split into small tribes led by a Blood Lord. There's also something special about people who live out under the Aether. A few of them have enhanced Senses smell, sight, sound , a sort of mutation from exposure. For example, someone with a smell Sense can scent if someone lies.

Someone with a sight Sense can hear miles away. Aria has lived all her life under a dome logged into the Realms. In an attempt to reach her mother who she hasn't heard from in days in another dome, Aria's caught breaking several rules that nearly bring down the whole Pod. As a result she gets banished to the outside world, left to die. Perry is an Outsider who's gifted with two Senses—sight and smell.

Tension brews with his brother, the Blood Lord of their tribe, and it's to a point where he needs to leave or fight him for leadership. But then a fellow tribe member is kidnapped on his watch and he flees to get that person back. On his trip, he meets with Aria. Although they don't like each other, they decide it's in their best interest to help each other find their loved ones.

There's a long journey by foot, search for a loved one, an addicting virtual reality, crazed mutated humans, false sense of utopia, enclosed societies, rumors of a safe haven—it's all here, but Veronica Rossi certainly makes her own mark with an exciting new approach and world. The writing was simple, straightforward—it easily thrusts you into this world. And let me tell you the world building was striking and vivid. Majority of the novel takes place outside the Pods and for that I'm glad because I enjoyed going along with these characters and exploring the real.

I loved reading about the characters trudging on to new places and meeting new people by the way the minor characters are brilliant and captivating. It gave a fast-paced feel hell, they run from cannibals and wolves, dodging any Aether falling from the sky.

On a different note, I did find the justification for Pods and Realms fascinating as well. It's not entirely odd that part of society would revert to technology in order to keep the masses from going crazy. Today we are so immersed in it anyway, why not make it a permanent way of life. It was better left to explanation rather experiencing it through a character's eyes, though.

Don't get me wrong, the Realms do sound interesting, but at the same time I feel like I'd get bored with it if that was the backdrop for the novel.

Under the Never Sky is written with a dual narrative which I appreciated so much. I think it gives a great insight to the main characters Aria and Perry and kept it fresh. I got quite invested in these two, also. With Aria, I was pleasantly surprised. I figured as someone who's been sheltered she'd be an annoying damsel in the distress the entire time, utterly useless. Not to say that she didn't have her stumbles and flaws, but she was determined and kept trekking on, no complaints on her physical pain—there was something admirable about that.

I thought she went through a great transformation, if you think of how far she came from the first page to the last, evolving into who she was meant to be. Perry, hands down, is one of my favorite male protagonists I've ever come across. He's a layered character with so much weighing on his shoulders. He's had a rougher life than Aria's seemingly pristine one, living with what some his family have said to be a blessing and a curse those two Senses. I think his best trait was his innate compassion.

He hated Aria, but even so, he protected her, he tended to her wounds. And not just with Aria, but with a few minor characters as well. He sort of sneaks up on you and steals your heart.

Follow the Author

And the romance! It's so, so well developed. I think I would have punched this book in the gut if it had the characters instantly falling head over heels in love. There was a lot of animosity between Aria and Perry in the beginning. Understandable under their circumstances, a dislike based on ignorance and view spoiler [the aftermath of what happened in Ag6 hide spoiler ]. But then there's a mutual agreement between them that slowly eases into a camaraderie and then into something more.

It felt believable even though in reality it was only a few weeks. And with what they go through, I'm not at all surprised they formed a strong bond.

There was some well placed humor here and there. Also some great twists and secrets. I anticipated a few things but they were expanded into something that still surprised me. This is such a well rounded, GOOD novel—the characters, the world, the relationships, the plot, the execution. I want to sing from the rooftops that I looove this book! Cookies for you if you get the reference.

I even reread it right after yep, you read that right—not something I normally do and I stand by my initial reaction: I know it's early in the year, but I'm pretty sure it'll make my favorites of list. Still amazing. This review is also available on my blog, Qwerty Lets recall how I decided to pick this one up, Rage Comic style! Realizing just how many stars ratings for this book, I decided not to rate it because I think the problem partly lies in me.

I don't haz it. Aria and Perry both have a very unique and distinctive background with countless terms dedicated to describe their daily lives. The funny thing is, the author barely described the terms when they were first intoduced. I needed to come across each particular term two to three times before I finally understand what they mean.

The problem with terminology done, I still had problem making sense what was going on majority of the time.

The writing and the word building was very It was as if Veronica Rossi left out bits and pieces here and there. Things seemed calm and normal, and suddenly boom!

Some made an appearance for two pages max. I don't know about anyone else but for me personally, I prefer these unimportant secondary characters to not be given names, otherwise I'll try to commit the names into my memory in anticipation that they'll contribute more to the story.

So yeah, please don't hate me if you're a fan of this book. I have a very short winter break. So, I need to utilize my holiday for enjoyable reads only: After reading Riders I had to know what this trilogy is about.

She'd survived the Aether and cannibals and wolves. She knew how to love now, and how to let go. I'm finally reducing my tbr. Something I never thought I would be able to do. To be honest I went into this book not expecting much and I was plea After reading Riders I had to know what this trilogy is about. To be honest I went into this book not expecting much and I was pleasantly surprised.

At the start of the book, I was bored and confused. There wasn't much information about the world and what was happening that I honestly thought I was going to hate it. The characters got better, the story more interesting, we got a better explanation of what was going on and the romance was starting to rise! And I'm a sucker for romance, so yeah. Speaking of the romance, I liked their dynamic but didn't love it.

I want more development and hope to get that in the course of the following books, that I will read because I bought the entire trilogy.

View all 6 comments. I really forgot just how much I loved this book and now I'm dying to reread the other books In the series. Love love loved Aria and Perry and Roar. Loved the slow burn and the sweet moments. Loved the fighting and creepiness of some of the Outsiders. And loved the ending most of all. View all 3 comments. Dec 27, Emer rated it really liked it Shelves: Oh this book!!! It gave me ALL the feelings.

And isn't that just a beautiful title??? Really beautiful. Top marks for the name: So the world building? It's good!! I like it. I want to know more!! We basically have two populations; the Dwellers and the Outsiders. We know that everyone used to live in the Unity until the Aether brought all these mad crazy electrical storms and caused the people to split into these two separate populations with Oh this book!!!

We know that everyone used to live in the Unity until the Aether brought all these mad crazy electrical storms and caused the people to split into these two separate populations with one group retreating underground and one group staying outside to live in the harsh conditions. There was also much talk of genetic mutations and other untoward happenings so LOTS of distrust between the Dwellers and the Outsiders.

So the Dwellers live indoors, and mainly underground, in these huge pods. Everything in these pods is artificial, automated and designed for maximum efficiency There are very few jobs so to speak and to protect themselves from boredom people spend all their time in virtual reality platforms. They enter these VR platforms by means of bio-tech type eye pieces that everyone wears.

The Dwellers are genetically modified with children being created and not conceived. In fact these Dwellers very rarely experience something as simple as another human's touch as they spend all their time in these VR platforms.

The Outsiders live outside in camps and settlements in large groups or tribes. Their existence is a more primitive one than that of the dwellers. They have to hunt for food and their existence is a harsh one as they have to live underneath all the powerful Aether storms. Certain people within the Outsiders have evolved to have certain gifts or Senses as they are referred to within the novel: Seers have great vision, Scires, great scent so strong that they can even scent what a person is feeling, and Audiles who can hear through great distances.

The story is told from the point of view of two characters; Aria a Dweller and Peregrine an Outsider. Aria is seventeen years old and lives in one of these pods in a city called Reverie…. One night, as a sort of dare, she and her friends break into a damaged service dome and tragedy ensues.

Aria finds herself unexpectedly cast out to the Outside or Death Shop as the Dwellers call it. Peregrine, or Perry for short, is an Outsider.

He is a hunter with his tribe the Tides. He also has two Senses; he is both a Seer and a Scire. Events regarding his young nephew Talon cause him to leave his tribe and when he is alone wandering the Outside he meets Aria. Chapters are written from the PoV of these two main characters and we learn so much about them. There is great detailing to their characters. Aria and Perry learn so much about their own selves from learning about who the other person is.

She begins to understand more about who she is as a person. D Oh and well obviously they HAVE to get together because they are just so super perfect for each other and their romance…. I was so emotionally connected to these two characters. I have never felt such emotion in a dystopian set YA novel before. The author really cared about writing detailed characters. There are some great supporting characters too. We meet this strange guy called Marron who seems to run this super amazing camp where they have medicines and computers…oh and Rose….

Hahaha I am SO predictable!!! Hahaha probably!! I love him, his backstory seems so sad. So yup, great little supporting cast: But the one overriding question when reading this book is To me it's some sort of lightning type electricity that creates storms and other sorts of events in the sky. But what caused it, why is it there??

And this Cinder kid… I need to know more!!! Although I am assuming that books two and three will reveal more about the Aether as it is such a huge player in the whole storyline of this series.

I would have preferred a clearer difference in the writing style for each of the main characters' points of view It left me wanting more; oh this book was blatantly written as the first in a series! So even though there were more questions than answers at the end of the story it was not left thankfully!!

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes their easy reads with a nice little smattering of feelings! Does that ever go away? The Aether never leaves. I owe this book so much. And oh, gods, did it. Our protagonist, Aria, gets into a bit of a fight with some very important bastards and gets thrown out of the Reverie, left to fend for herself. It was confusing and I had no idea what was going on.

It was like someone had wiped and cleaned my finger-print ridden classes soon as I figured it all out. The science fiction was so engrossing, but the outskirts, outside the enclosed city, was even better. I literally considered skipping math class to hide out in the bathroom and continue reading. I didn't like Aria at all for the first half of the book, but as soon as she got her shit together, I really started to appreciate her. Perry I loved as soon as I met him - he was kind of a badass awkward penguin that I couldn't help but adore.

And Roar. Their relationship was so adorable and realistic, and equal. Perry snapped at Aria when she was being a bitch, Aria called out Perry when he was being a unknowing jerk, and it was all well and good.

There were also hysterical moments in their relationship, like when Aria thinks she's dying because she got her period, and Perry is the one who tells her that she's menstruating. I was crying from laughing so hard. Roar's relationship with Aria was fantastic, too, because even though he was a flirt, they were just friends, and they both knew it. Roar was in love with someone else, and I'm thankful Rossi didn't pull the dreaded love-triangle card on us.

I loved Rossi's writing. It was pretty and easy to read, going along with the intense world-building perfectly. Veronica Rossi got me out of a damn slump with this amazing read, and I have her to thank for many months to come.

Also, I blame her for tearing my throats to shreds. I honest-to-goodness screamed and snorted and squealed my way through this lovely work, and while my throat didn't enjoy the ride, I sure did. View all 15 comments. This kind of review never fails to bring out my shifty, shyster side.

Yes, I certainly do have one. I tend to think of my reviews for this genre as shoddily assembled, incoherent rambles. So I do my best to distract people from my complete lack of knowledge with a barrage of emotional response and long tangents.

Look, over there! She drops the reader in with little in the way of backstory or explanation, to an extent leaving them to stumble around blind and gradually get a feel for the place. It was intriguing - I needed to know more, to push on, to search out answers in the text.

And the detail that Rossi does provide is fascinating. Not in that the settings are strikingly similar, but in the sense that both are rich with atmosphere and a curious blend of familiar and strange.

Possibly the greatest weakness I found with Under the Never Sky was its opening, and I fear that the first few chapters may struggle to hold the attention of some readers, if not lose them altogether. The book gets going at more of a saunter than a sprint, and keeps this relatively sedate pace for some time. However, I do want to mention that view spoiler [I wish the element of "rendering" had not been a part of this story.

While I think I understand how this could work amongst the Scires, I disliked how it detracted from the element of choice and free will in Perry and Aria's relationship. Although, having just made such a big song and dance er, disclaimer over how little I have to substantiate my opinion, take that as you will. As for me, I regret nothing!

View all 17 comments. I really really enjoyed this book. At first I had trouble connecting with the characters and the world, but around the middle I began to be really intrigued! I think Veronica Rossi did a great job building it!

Really, this world of the Dwellers and the Savages is really unique. The whole thing about the Realms, the Aether, the Senses, everything! I also like the romance in this story, Peregrine and Aria are adorab I really really enjoyed this book. I also like the romance in this story, Peregrine and Aria are adorable together, and also, I think my favorite character was Roar: I plan on reading the rest of the trilogy, but first I have to finish my priorities.

View 1 comment. Dec 25, Robin Bridge Four rated it really liked it Shelves: I have read a few books where every character sounds the same in there chapters and I never experienced that in Rossi's writing. This is a fun easy read. Rossi doesn't shove a bunch of background dialog about how thing became what they are you learn through the story and some things you figure out on your own.

It took me a few chapters to get an idea forming in my head of how this world worked. It starts out in a slightly obscure place. But I kept my mind open and let the world form chapter by chapter and then I was hooked. This is one of those few books I really liked both the main charactors. I think for a lot of people there feelings on the book will rest soley on do they like Perry and Aria.

I very much did. I enjoyed that not all of the mystery of what the Aether is was explained right away, it is this mysterious atmospheric shift that ebs and flows like the tides or the ocean. The storms of it are horrible and scorch the earth. The evolution of the people was interesting those on the outside evolved one way the those on the inside elvolved almost opposite possible because of the Aether.

The growth of Aria coming from the inside being cast out into the world of savages was great. It wasn't all at once she is a bad ass it took time for her muscles to change for her to learn how to get food for herself and grow into her 'real' life. She is trying to find her place and learn as much as she can along the way.

Under the Never Sky (Under the Never Sky, #1) by Veronica Rossi

Perry seems harsh at the start but he clearly is a protector. His loyalty is like non other it is fierce and unwavering to those he gives it to. It was hard not to like him. Dystopian "under a dome" YA? Pair 6: Michelle and Shakerria October Besties 17 15 Nov 01, Under the Never Sky 1: Possibly a YA book???

A society with NO pain! Readers also enjoyed. Young Adult. Science Fiction. About Veronica Rossi. Veronica Rossi. Film rights to the trilogy have been optioned by Warner Bros. I really loved that we got to see her traveling with Roar who serve solely as a friend to her. Knowing that her feelings were firmly with Perry made every decision she made seem even more important, especially the ones that lead them away from each other.

I cannot wait to read Into the Still Blue! Paperback Verified download. Besides Veronica Rossi's writing being superb, here are my three highlights without any recounts or spoilers okay, mostly no spoilers One way to live.

I loved both characters equally! Their journeys -- individual, yet entwined -- were arced well within each book, but especially across the series. If you read my reviews, you know I'm a fan of romance. With this series, the romance is a lot without being too much. The romance scenes are heart-pounding from an emotional perspective, eloquently woven within the plot. For those of you looking for clean reads, the physical components are mostly only implied, but characters do engage in premarital relations.

Perry and Aria get their happily-ever-after! Roar is great too, but Although, that does remind me that friendships were important to moving to the plot along well, none more than Roar's. As a disclaimer, I only reviews books I can honestly give a positive rating. See all reviews. site Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. Learn more about site Giveaway. This item: Set up a giveaway. Customers who viewed this item also viewed.

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