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By Cassandra Clare [EPUB KINDLE PDF EBOOK] visit this website providing you with many Cazadores De Sombras 4 Ciudad. Get Instant Access to PDF File: #bd8 Cazadores De Sombras 4 Ciudad De Angeles Caidos (B) By Cassandra Clare [EPUB. By Cassandra Clare [PDF EBOOK EPUB KINDLE] visit this website providing you with many Cazadores De Sombras 4 Ciudad.

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Cazadores De Sombras 4 Pdf

Angels The Mortal Instruments 4 Cassandra Clare [PDF] [EPUB] The libros, una película y una serie de televisión, Cazadores de sombras. Oct 18, Ciudad de los ángeles caídos (Cazadores de sombras 4), Cassandra A todos los chicos de los que me enamoré - Jenny Han (Pdf, ePub, Mobi. Ciudad de los ángeles caídos (título original en inglés: City of Fallen Angels) es el cuarto libro de la saga Cazadores de sombras, escrita por Cassandra Clare. . Imprimir/exportar. Crear un libro · Descargar como PDF · Versión para imprimir .

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Don't look directly at him! Your skin might melt off. I wanted to like this and wanted my Jace crush to transfer over to this book. I swear I did. Enjoying this just wasn't in my power. Objectivity is something we should all strive for with every read. Even after hearing bad things about a specific book, one can still have an open mind.

When reviewing, we aren't trying to prove anyone right or wrong, we are just giving our own impressions about the book. Sometimes when an avid reader reads a mega-hyped book such as this, we can take on a similar persona to that of Bill and Ted. They are all about the excellent adventure. First and foremost with YA fantasy - we, mostly, want to be entertained. All the better if we learn something or absorb a good message while doing it, but the entertainment part is essential.

Why I didn't like this book Not funny. At the time, I thought there was quite a bit of good humor in the originals. This one: nada. Or maybe I've just outgrown it. The corners of my mouth never even lifted. In fact, a scowl probably made an appearance or two This book is to "funny" what vampires are to "real". Hint: They aren't Not entertaining. Every few pages I felt the need to go for a spin in my car with my head hanging out the window just to stay awake. The suspense, the tension, the action - everything I liked about the originals was gone.

I may have entertained myself about this book, but this book did NOT entertain me. Not for one second. Not new.

Clary, I love you but I can't because I think I'm evil. Jace, you're so emo. Simon, you're my best friend. This is a repeat. A rerun. And not even a funny rerun. It's like that sucky episode of Friends with Alec Baldwin in it that no one cares to remember. Not inspiring. Unlike most of my favorite books, there wasn't anything to take away from this book. If we are not going to be entertained then shouldn't we at least learn something or feel like we derived some deeper meaning from the book?

The Giver teaches us that human emotion is essential to our lives. What did City of Fallen Angels teach us? Ch Jace goes emo. Weird stuff is revealed. Ch Clary believes in Jace. Things happen. Ch Chatting again. Lovey dovey stuff. But wait - someone is alive! So trust me, I don't take this lightly at all and I don't enjoy being negative. Making light of a bad situation is just something I try to do. However, I don't like disliking things and I never try to be flat out hateful about anything.

To love everything would be great, but that's just not realistic. Don't just write me off as a hater and leave it at that. I actually really liked the original series. Let me explain - While knowing nothing of Clare's plagiarism or the controversy surrounding the books, the need for something similar to Buffy overwhelmed me, leading to the discovery of the urban fantasy genre.

My first experience with this genre was The Mortal Instruments which had just released the third book. Out of pure desperation, the fact that it was a derivative was not even almost a deterrent. Clare told a fast-paced and action filled YA suspense, which was exactly what I needed at the time. The first three Mortal Instruments had this addictive quality that made you need to read more, which led me to read this one.

So while I still hold true to my original feelings of the first books and have a sick yet fond place in my heart for them, I truly feel that this particular series should have ended where City of Glass left us. It saddens me to think that I may have contributed to the mass production of unnecessary sequels. Oh well, she's rolling in it, already. What exactly she deserves to be rolling in I'll leave up to interpretation. No speculation is actually necessary.

She's rolling in money. Are you happy?! You better be.

Hasta ese momento jessica no se había dado cuenta de

As long as they aren't hurting or taking advantage of anyone, there's no problem with it. Although, sometimes large companies can take advantage of small time authors or even gullible readers, so it's a good thing that I got this from my library and didn't pay any of my own money however, my library surely made a contribution. It's too bad lesser-known books and their authors don't get the opportunities and the recognition that some of these more mainstream novels do.

But that isn't how the industry works right now. Hype sells. Controversy sells. Fellow girl-power groupies: don't kill me. I liked Jace in the original books. But I soon realized how destructive this small adoration can become. Now, Fangirl mobbing is truly my greatest fear. The groups will be min formed and the different cases shared for the students to have time to prepare it. HOMEWORK Students have to look in the link the teacher has given them, and do the exercises to revise the vocabulary about law and justice, and write down their results.

Then, they will have to look into the dictionary for the meaning of the words related to possible punishments given in a court and write the definition down. Warm up Activity 19 Pre-listening: Students will be asked to write down any word 5 min they know related to crime and the people who committed those crimes. Then the teacher will ask them to say aloud and share their answers with the rest of the class. They will have to fill the gaps 15 min with the words missing.

The recording will be played twice. In pairs, students have to explain the meaning of a 10 min Activity 21 couple of statements and discuss it with their partner.

They can write down their ideas to share with the teacher and the rest of your classmates. Warm-up Activity Students will answer orally questions about what is a witness 5 min 24 statement and its use, and the meaning of two essential words for this lesson: First, they will Activity see a sample paper with a case, and then they will be given 25 min 25 some rules to do it.

After this, they will have to read a short case and write a witness statement acting like it. Learners will form groups of 5 or 6 and 30 min 26 each student will be given a card and act like a character; first they will read some background information about the crime. In groups of 5 or 6. The character cards all contain clues to working out the murder. They need to read it and try to memorize the information.

Students need to collect information about every member of the group and fill the worksheet with any relevant information alibi, possible motive, etc.

When the students have spoken to everyone who was near Hotel Dumort that night, they will have to reach a conclusion individually. Students will have to do a webquest about law. The Activity In groups of 5, students must read the instructions and will have Activity Students will be given a list with some webpages they can use to help themselves. If there is not enough time 20 Activity Each group will have a different case in which they will 15 min have to act as participants in a trial.

Each group have: The teacher will act as the judge calling for order if necessary and deciding the verdict according to the evidence and facts presented by the students.

Students will be given the scenario of their case and the instructions given and explained in a previous lesson. In each case there would be different roles and students will have to make sure to answer to certain questions during the mock trial, which they will have prepared beforehand.

The participation of each member of the group will be as it follows: Then they will answer comprehension questions. Students are going to listen to a conversation between Activity Magnus Bane and the Seelie Lilith about a problem she has. Students have to write a witness statement about the 20 min case given to them. They must try to apply the rules and use the adequate format. Activity Students will have 5 minutes to revise their answers before 5 min handing over the paper. While students do the activities the teacher will be continuously monitoring, especially during the speaking activities.

For vocabulary doubts students are encouraged to use the dictionaries in the classroom, but they can also ask the teacher to solve their doubts. Students can help each other too. During the webquest, the teacher will resolve doubts and monitor if learners need help or guidance. The different aspects of the evaluation are the followings: Reinforcement measures will be taken to evaluate the progress of the student in case it is not sufficient.

The results produced at the end of the unit of work. To make this last stage successful, students need feedback, as positive as it can be, to help them to improve. They will have to participate through self-assessment, learning to learn and learning strategies. As a final task they will do a role play using all the knowledge learnt along the unit.

It includes a reading, a listening and writing test in which the contents of the unit will be evaluated. Comments and grades will be given consistently, to make sure students understand their progress and how much and how each aspect of the evaluation is going to affect their marks. Unjustified class absences Cooperates with classmates? Experiments with language? Shows respect to other students? Shows respect to other cultures?

Demonstrates knowledge of best practices. Knows how to make subject content relevant, challenging, and meaningful for students. Establishes instructional goals that demonstrate an accurate knowledge of students and assigned subject content. Makes use of the environment of the school or area to enrich the regular classroom programme.

Gathers and analyses student data to develop the adequate material and content. Selects, evaluates, integrates, and refines a variety of teaching strategies, delivery methods, and resources.

Adapts the instructions to meet the needs of all students. Provides extra-resources to support students. Assessment of and for Student Learning Communicates expectations with clarity. Works independently and collaboratively to analyse and identify student learning needs, guide planning and instruction, and assess the effectiveness of instruction. Engages students in understanding of and assuming responsibility for quality work and provides timely, frequent, and effective feedback to guide that work.

Provides timely and meaningful feedback to students. Learning Environment Establishes clear expectations for classroom rules and procedures. Establishes a climate of trust and teamwork by being fair, caring, respectful, and enthusiastic.

Enforces classroom rules and procedures consistently and fairly to maximize academic learning time. Professionalism The teacher… Complies with professional and ethical standards, as well as with the appropriate Education Laws. Ensures the confidentiality of information and privacy of students, families, colleagues, and administrators.

Collaborates, communicates, and works in partnership with students, families, administrators, and colleagues within the school community to promote student learning at school and support student learning at home.

Effectively uses standard oral and written English in all communications. Uses evaluation methods which emphasize on the growth of the individual toward specific goals and objectives.

Uses the results of evaluation to determine the suitability of the objectives in planning further instruction. Sets assignments which require students to comprehend ideas, apply these ideas, analyse, and evaluate information rather than simply memorize and reproduce facts.

I believe that all students are able to reach a minimum learning stage provided that they follow a constant pace of work, which may be different for each one.

However, there are also those who need extra material but not because they have difficulties following the class pace, but because they learn faster. These students need extra activities to complement what they already know and to not lose interest in the subject. It is also important to take into account the different learning styles, so the way the contents are taught must fulfil the needs of all the students.

The methodology applied by the teacher, the activities, the timing, the materials, etc. Some strategies could be: At the beginning of the academic year, all the teachers must try to detect any possible case of non-significant Intellectual giftedness in the class in order to improve the work with this type of learners and to adjust their teaching-learning process to their real capacities.

The Intellectual giftedness non-significant adaptations will be prepared and applied by the teacher of the corresponding department and the support teacher. The English department will establish a continuous contact with the high school Guidance department so as to detect any learning problem related to the students, the seriousness of the issue, strategies to treat it and the development of the Intellectual giftedness.

The application of these adaptations will be carried out by the pertinent teacher. The evaluation and promotion will depend on the criteria established in this adaptation and will be shared between the subject teacher and the representative of the Guidance department.

To prevent that these students feel excluded from the rest of the class, they will participate in the activities which they can perform successfully reading, asking them questions, writing down on the blackboard, etc.

Some experts state that teacher should be trained like actors3, because the class is like a stage and students are the most exigent audience in the world. Sometimes teachers forget they were teenagers and students years ago, but even this memory is not enough help. Young people change, they are products of their time, and the way we approach education must change too.

Following a book is useful, but it should be just a resource, not the main tool. During my training period I have noticed that what students need more is personal attention, in the sense that you talk to them as people, not as simple students. This is difficult due to the limits and professional relationship between teacher and students, and the large number of students in a class. I have chosen literature as a tool to teach English because personally I consider literature a wonderful tool to teach anything.

Young Adult literature is a genre 3 http: Making a contrast between remote possibilities, imaginary worlds, etc. Combining a communicative approach with a literary one can be entertaining and may allow more extension in aspects of vocabulary and contextualization. This process of including literature in the lessons will help students to discover what books or genre they like, or find books that even those reluctant to read might enjoy.

Finally I would like to add that all this require great amounts of work and disposition. Being a teacher requires dedication, not only for the welfare of the students but to themselves. Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.

Retrieved February 18, , from http: Giving reading a last chance. Curriculum Update. Margaret K. McElderry Books Clare, C. McElderry Books Ellis, R. Asian EFL Journal, 8 3 , Cambridge University Press. Real Decreto Richards, J. United States, Cambridge University Press. Retrieved from http: Theory and research, pp. New York, NY, England: Praeger Publishers, xiv Zhao, H. What is the use of law? Vocabulary matching: Students will be shown the following words related to law and justice.

First they will have to try to express in their own words what the vocabulary means. Government, court, trial, apply the law, rights, take a decision, prosecute, punishment a. Government 1. Court 2. Trial 3. Apply a law 4. Rights 5. Take a decision 6. Prosecute 7. Punishment 8. When a law has an effect on something 4 Image taken from http: Do you think it is difficult to make people obey a law? You still have to see what Downworlders are capable of. As in any society, Shadowhunters have their government who is responsible of applying the law.

The Clave is the political group made up of all active Shadowhunters. While Clave members take decisions related to matters relevant to Shadowhunters, final decisions are taken by the Council. When Shadowhunters reach adulthood at the age of eighteen, they declare their loyalty to the Clave and become a member of the Clave, with rights to participate in any Clave issue under discussion.

They write the laws, known as the Covenant, which Shadowhunters and Downworlders must obey. The Council also signs the Accords, a treaty between Shadowhunters and Downworlders, and take decisions for all Shadowhunters and Downworlders. Originally, the Council only had Shadowhunter members, but, since both Shadowhunters and Downworlders have realized that most of their problems affect each other, the New Council is formed by now representatives from all four Downworlder races—vampires, werewolves, faeries, and warlocks.

The Consul is the highest official in the Clave. The Consul is something like a prime minister, who mainly serves to preside over the Council, and to help interpret the Law for the Clave. They also serve as an advisor to the Inquisitor, and as a consultant for the Institutes. Their only real direct power is their authority to call the Council to session and to act as a judge in disputes between Shadowhunters. The Inquisitor is a high-ranking official of the Clave, acting as an authority outside of the government of the Clave and Council.

The Inquisitor investigates 5 Image taken from https: The Inquisitor typically serves as the prosecuting attorney on Shadowhunter trials, and may also choose to recommend the punishment or sentence in some cases, though these also require the approval of the Council.

Read the text again and answer the following questions. Match the word with its definition. CLAVE 1. Peace treaty B. Official who acts outside the Clave C. Political group formed by all the Shadowhunters D. Highest official of the Clave E. Law formed by rules Shadowhunters must obey F. Government of the Shadowhunters Listening; Listen to the extract of the book Shadowhunters and Downworlders by Cassandra Clare and answer if the following sentences are true or false.

You will hear the recording twice. Do you think it is fair? What changes would you like to do? Write down some of your ideas. Filling the gap activity Read the following words in the box.

It is an article written by Kyly Bloodhound, a vampire journalist from the Shadow World.

The new thing is to win a case paying. The answer is simple: The Covenant is the law Shadowhunters obey. It provides the rules of behaviour for Shadowhunters and Downworlders. The Covenant protects the rights of Shadowhunters to enforce good relations between the Clave, Downworld, and the mundane world. The Covenant is more or less the basis of the legal system of the Shadowhunters, specifying not only the criminal code that they have to apply but also how that criminal code may be prosecuted, how trials may be run, and so on.

The Accords are peace negotiations signed between the Downworlders and Shadowhunters. The Accords are revised and signed every fifteen years by representatives of the Shadowhunters and all Downworlder groups. It describes how they have to interact with mundanes and between them. It also includes their rights, responsibilities, and restrictions, stating that as long as the rules are not broken, they can live in peace without bother and may even provide each other help when they need it.

This is one of the most controversial parts of the Law. Both Shadowhunters and Downworlders claim that mundanes should pay for their crimes against the Shadow world.

What happened? Tell your partner the meaning of the following words if you know, if not, try to guess. Then, match the word with its definition. Having committed an offense, crime, violation, or wrong against the law b Dispute 2. A group of people who are sworn to decide a case or give a verdict by examining the 6 Image taken from http: To work out or find the answer or explanation d Guilty 4.

Quarrel, fight, controversy or difference of opinion e Jury 5. When there is nothing to prove or disprove something f Lack of 6.

The lawyer explain the facts for the first evidence time to the judge or the jury g Case 7. To charge with the fault, offense or crime h Resolve 8. A person who testimony in a court of law i Opening 9. Person against whom a claim or charge is statement brought in a court.

Accused j Witness You can share that information with your partner and compare it. Then answer the following questions. What is a court case? Answer the following questions 1.

City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare

What are civil cases? Cases between two people b. Cases between individuals related to any kind of law c. Cases between private individuals dealing with non-criminal issues 2. What are the evidences in a criminal procedure? Witness statements and physical evidence b. What happens if the defendant is found not guilty?

With what does a trial begins? With the presentation of the judge b. With opening statements by both parts c. With the defendant swearing the Bible 6. What do both parts say in the closing statement? They give the key points in favour of their case b.

They ask questions to the judge c. What to do in case you… A representative of the New York wolf pack recently described his daily run on the east part of Queens Forest as 'murder'.

If you say something is murder, it means something is very difficult, unpleasant or uncomfortable, as in 'Angry seelies discussing is murder' and ' All these vampires looking at me is murder on my back'.

You really need to think twice what you in front of seelies, they are such vindictive creatures. Of course, if you commit a crime, you have to make sure that you keep well away from the long arm of the law, or you might end up behind bars.

Looking for justice is an instinct for us Downworlders when a 7 Image taken from http: They take us to their court, judging us under their laws, using that boring and heavy book they call Codex, and making us swear to say the truth, even when they have already condemn us. The other day, the famous Warlock of Brooklyn, Magnus Bane had a dispute with a young and arrogant Shadowhunter who acted like his word was law and tried to accuse Mr.

Bane of illegal use of black magic. The lack of evidence was the only thing that saved our dear warlock. Post- reading: They are idioms related to justice and law. Look for one that means: They are written differently but they are pronounced the same. Here are some examples: Comment with the rest of the class to add more words to your list.

Ciudad de los ángeles caídos

Paul tried to fawn over John, but it was a fraud with no cause, and Paul squawked: Words taken from http: Decide if the following sentences are true or false. What are they expressing? What are they used for? Read the text and then answer the questions. All Shadowhunters are expected to obey the Covenant Law and those who live in the mundane world should observe the mundane law as well.

In fact, you are required to consider even rumours, urban legends, and folktales, to prove their credibility. These violations will be harshly punished and can end in death penalty. Direct collaboration with demons can be cause of the removal of the Marks. Any contact with demons outside battle should avoided if possible. Downworlders can resolve their own problems; however, Shadowhunters may interfere in cases where problems are too severe, or where issues affect other parts of Downworld or the mundane world.

For instance, we allow werewolves to fight to the death for control of their packs. A special exception here is the case of dark magic. The practice of dark magic is strictly forbidden. Warlocks and faeries are not permitted to practice it.

In every meeting of the Accords demands are made from both Shadowhunters and Downworlders that mundanes be held accountable for their behaviour. What do all Shadowhunters have to investigate? Can Shadowhunters break the mundane law? What is the punishment for attacking another Shadowhunter?

What is the punishment for collaboration with demons? What is not considered a murder under the Covenant Law? What demands are made by Shadowhunters and Downworlders in every meeting of the Accords? What is a priority for Shadowhunters? Imagine you are a vampire, and a werewolf trespassed your territory the other night. You want to take him into trial. Write a short discourse where you state the reasons why the werewolf must be declare guilty. You can use these phrases.

What Happens to Adults in court When an adult commits a serious crime and is arrested by police, sometimes there will be a trial. In some countries, a jury decides if there is enough evidence for a trial. If there is enough evidence, that person must be judged. If there is not enough evidence the charges are dropped.

In countries where juries are not used, an accusation will be issued by the prosecutor. Once the accusation has been made, the defendant is prosecuted. This is when the defendant can be declared guilty or not guilty. If he is declared not guilty, the case goes to trial. Sometimes there could be a plea bargain. The defence lawyer and the prosecutor try to settle a case with the court's approval. In a plea bargain, the defendant declares himself guilty to a minor offense or the prosecutor drops some of the charges, or ask for a lighter sentence from the judge.

If there is a trial, the Constitution guarantees every defendant certain rights. With serious crimes, there is the right to be tried before a jury; the defendant can also have a judge decide the verdict.

The following also applies to all jury trials: If the defendant is found not guilty, he is free to go.

Clockwork Angel

If he is found guilty, he is convicted and then sentenced. The sentence may be a fine, prison, probation, or even the death penalty. Which do you think is fairest? Students will be shown the following words and expressions related to aspects in a trial. To take the a To be unacceptable under the rules stand 2. Allegation b A request for a higher court to review a decision made by a lower court.

To make a case c The opposing side finds fault with the question for being asked the witness. To speculate d give testimony in a court of law testify 5.

Valid argument e The way a judge is addressed in a courtroom. To be out of f to make guesses about someone or something; order 7. Objection h A statement made with little or no proof. Appeal i to explain why something should be done The trial is divided in three parts, after each part you will be given a couple of topics to discuss in groups.

Take notes of the key facts of the trial or any other aspect that calls your attention. Isabelle has been charged for helping Meliorn, her seelie friend, to escape from the Institute to help Clary and Jace to get the Mortal cup and find the evil Valentine. The Clave wanted to interrogate Meliorn, and probably hurt him because he is a Downworlder. This violent act could provoke a war between Shadowhunters and Downworlders.

Isabelle is the defendant, Magnus Bane acts as the defence lawyer, Lydia Branwell as the prosecutor and Inquisitor Herondale as the judge. First part: Second part: Take into account that if Isabelle loses her Marks, she will be defenceless against demons. Third part: Do you agree with this statement? Would you sacrifice law for justice?

Do you think those are terms laws must be based on? A trial is a formal procedure which must follow a schedule. First the defence starts with their opening statement, 1 ……… The key facts of the case are explained, as well as why their client is innocent and stating that they are going to prove that to the judge or jury.

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