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New Total English Starter Teacher's Book and Teacher's Resource Pack by Irene Ofteringer, , available at Book Depository with free delivery. A course for young adults and adults, New Total English has been completely revised and updated to make it even more engaging and easy to use. With its. New Total English Starter Teacher's Book and Teacher's Resource Pack. $ Available on demand (O). We'll put in a special international order, which can.

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New Total English Starter Teachers Book

download New Total English Starter Teacher's Book and Teacher's Resource Pack 2 by Irene Ofteringer (ISBN: ) from site's Book Store. Everyday . New Total English уровень: pre-intermediate, Teacher's Book, автор - Diane . Video of New Total English Starter A course for young adults and adults, New. New Total English - Starter Students - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Total English Upper Intermediate Teachers Book. Uploaded by.

Total English is a new course for young adults and adults. It provides solutions to the challenges teachers and students face every day with a complete package of effective, easy-to-use resources. Detailed Teaching notes with instructions on how to use the material as well as ideas for warm-up, lead-in and extension activities. Four photocopiable tests covering grammar, vocabulary, reading, listening and writing enable teachers and learners to assess progress. Total English — Starter: Clique para compartilhar no Twitter abre em nova janela Clique para compartilhar no Facebook abre em nova janela Clique para compartilhar no LinkedIn abre em nova janela Clique para imprimir abre em nova janela Clique para compartilhar no WhatsApp abre em nova janela Clique para compartilhar no Tumblr abre em nova janela Clique para compartilhar no Skype abre em nova janela Clique para compartilhar no Telegram abre em nova janela Clique para compartilhar no Pinterest abre em nova janela Clique para compartilhar no Reddit abre em nova janela Clique para compartilhar no Pocket abre em nova janela. Posts relacionados.

What do the judges say about each singer? Complete column 1 below. Terri Vittoria Hans Sanjay c What do you think of the singers? Complete column 2 above and compare with a partner. A; Ben s awful.

New Total English: Starter. Teacher's book - Grant Kempton, Irene Ofteringer - Google книги

B: Yes, he s awful. Terri s OK. A; Terri s great! A; Mariah Carey s great. B: Mariah Carey? She s OK. Grammar I What s your. B: It s Ask and answer the questions in the Active grammar box.

Speaking 6 a aID listen and write the correct names and addresses. B: Julian Carax.

New Total English Starter Teacher's Book and Teacher's Resource Pack

Find the information for that person on page and complete the table for your person. Talk to other students and complete the table below for the other people. B: I m Hans Melo. A: How do you spell that, please? Where do the people come from? I m from Munich. I m 52 years old. My name s Tom Mackintosh. I m 34 years old. I m from Toronto. I m from Kyoto. I ma junura-: j:-m-aiI. A: What s your email address?

How do you say the email addresses in the profiles? B: Henr;que: H - f - N. Frieda Lang;s from Getmany. She s. Vocabulary Ijobs 4 a Match the words in the box to the pictures What jobs do your friends and family do? My sister s Q teacher. Active grammar G What s his name?

What s her name? A: What s 1 his name? B: It s 19 Wilson Road, Glasgow. Speaking 9 Work with a partner. A: Who s your best friend? B: Her name s Nina.

A: What s herjob? B: She s. Writing 10 a Write a personal profile for emailfriends. Myname s. I m from. Then tell the class about your partner. His name s Sebastian. He s from. II rr--"-:"! Choose a word from the box and talk about the picture. A: What s number 2? B: It s a restourant. B: She s an actor. A: What s Toronto? B: It s a city. What s your favourite Who s restaurant? Ask questions from Ex. Use great. A: Who 5 your favourite singer? B: Dido. She s great. A: Dido? She s ok. Write the answers in the table below.

Her favourite city is. Who is he? Who is Rachel?

Teacher's Book with Resource Disc (Starter)

Who s your best friend? What is for things. What s her surname? What s his phone number? What s your email address? Who s. Remember these questions with How. How do you spell thot. How old are you? Possessive adjectives: my, your, his, her, its My, your, his. Possessive adjectives show ownership. Pronoun I am Robert. You are Possessive adjective My nome is Robert. Your sister is He is a singer. Paul is his brother. She is great. Her CD is great.

It is in Europe. Prague is its capital. Articles: alan Use aand an before single nouns. She s 0 teacher. Her brother is on actor. Complete the sentences. S Adele: husband. Rearrange the words to make questions. Karl 4 Complete the conversation with questions from Ex. A: 1 What s your name? Gabriel: Gabriel Willis. Gabriel: I m Gabriel: Cardiff in Wales. Gabriel: 70 Bridge Street, Fairwater. Gabriel: B: Helen.

B: She s B: She s a manager. B: Oliver. B: He s B: He s a police officer. B: He s from Ireland. Lead-in 1 a Match a word in the box to a picture A- D.

Draw a simple picture for each word. Listen to the words above and repeat. Titicaca in Bolivia in Italy What 5 your favourite tourist aUroction in this country? Vocabulary Iadjectives 1 a look at the map. Match a city on the map to a photo below. Spaghetti Junction in the UK is beautiful! The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao is beautiful. Ho Id. Read the email. Who is in the photo in the email? Hi Mum and Dad How are you?

Steven and I are fine. It s greatl Istanbul is big. Magda and Zarek are in the Pera Palace Hotel, too. They are our friends. They re from Poland. The attachment is a photo of Magda and Zarek. They are in their car.

It s a Mercedes. It s beautiful! Its colour is great. Love Rebecca b Write true mor false F. Grammar 1 Ito be with we and they 4 Look at the email on page 30 again. Complete the Active grammar box below. Use contractions. Grammar 2 lour and their 6 Complete the Active grammar box below. Active grammar I She is my friend. You Your house is modern. He Rachel is his wife. She Her mother is great. It Its capital is Madrid. You Your photos are beautiful. Pronunciation 9 a" listen. Write the sentences.

Use they re or their. Writing 10 a Work in pairs. You and your partner are on holiday. Choose a destination from the map on page Complete the details. Then write an email to a friend about your holiday. What s in your suitcase?

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Mark the stress and repeat. Match a conversation to a suitcase A-C. Grammar 1 Iplural nouns 3 a listen again to conversation 3. Complete the Active grammar box. What is in each suitcase? Complete the lists below.

Conversation 1: a camera, two books Conversation 2: a backpack Conversation 3: a pair of trousers C listen and check your answers. Pronunciation 4 a DJ listen. Lifelong learning Record pronunciation In your vocabulary notebooks.

Oescribe a suitcase from Ex. A: What s in the suitcase? B: Two skirts. Cover one of the suitcases. Remember what s in it. Tell your partner. Listening 6 a ID listen. Answer the questions. Complete the phrases from the conversation. Grammar 2 1the verb to be negative 7 Complete the grammar box with aren t or isn t. Active grammar 0 : I. Miss Miles. A: Hello Bob. This is my wife. Two tickets to New York, please. B: I m not Bob,l m Bill. A: Is this your backpack, Mr Robson? Write sentences using the information from Ex.

We re from this city. Our teacher isn t from this city. Speaking 10 Work in pairs. Continue the conversation in Ex. Mrs Mites: It isn t an MP3 player, it s a camera. Say a day. Your partner says the next day. A: Thursday. B: Friday. It s near Oxford Street. It s open from Monday to Sunday. It s big and ii s fr. Say the addresses, phone numbers and email addresses in the text. Check them in a dictionary.

C Read the texts. Choose the correct word in the sentences below. Listening 3 a lID listen. Match a conversation to a tourist attraction in the text.

Conversation 1 1 Is [beep] near here? Conversation 2 4 Good. Is it near? Underline all the example of questions with be.

Active grammar O :Am your friend? Yes, you are. Yes, I am. No, I m not. Yes, we are. No, we aren t. Yes, theyare. No, they aren t. Are you from China? Then write a short answer. B: Yes, it is. B:Yes, 4 a museum it is A,? B:No, 5 is open the shop A,? B:Yes, , you an actor are A,? B:No, Reading and speaking 6 Work in pairs. Student A: read the text below about Harrods and answer your partner s questions. Ask for information about the Louvre.

Student B: look at page Read the text about the Louvre and answer your partner s questions. Ask for information about Harrods. Check the meaning of new words in a dictionary. Nouns Adjectives skirt small c Which words follow very: nouns or adjectives? Ho, Very hot 2 ID listen and read the conversation below. Sara: Hi, louis. It s Sara. How are you and Paul? Sara: We re fine, thanks. And you?

Where are you? Sara: We re in Morocco. Sara: No, we aren t, We re in Marakesh. Sara: Yes, it is. It s very beautiful.

It s very hot. Sara: No, it isn t, It s very small and very old. Is the food nice? Sara: Yes, it s very nice. Are Mum and Dad OK? They re fine. Sara: OK, see you on Friday. Sara: Bye. Read and repeat the conversation. Remember the conversation. Morocco Casablanca? Marakesh beautiful? Ves hot? Ves hotel nice? No food nice?

Mum and Dad? Bye Bye 4 a Write a new conversation. Use new people, new places and other adjectives. Esther: Hello. Flavia: Hi. It s Flavia. The verb to be o I m am You re ore He in Istanbul. She s is from Turkey. You oren t in room He isn t my brother. She is not my sister. It acamero. We aren t from the US. They oren t friends.

Short answers Am I your friend? No, you oren t.

Yes, Jom. I m not. Is he your brother? No, we oren t. No, they oren t. They re not at home. My wife is from Rome. You re in Istanbul. Your son is in London. He s Mr Hanson.

His manager is Mr Reid. Her daughter is three. It s not a big hotel. Its roams are smalf. We re on holiday. Our hotel is very nice. They re in Italy Their children are at home. They re great. It s a big market. Key vocabulary Tourist attractions a castle a cathedral a palace a museum a gallery a department store a market a mountain a lake Holiday things backpack book camera map MP3 player pair of shoes pair of trousers top skirt suitcase Complete the sentences in the plural.

Sally and Paul are my friends, too.

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We in the Radford Hotel, too. They accountants, too. Michelle and I Alan and 01 From? Scotland Ireland Job? Michelle and I are from Scotland. Right now 7 on holiday in Ireland. I m Ms Carter. It s open tomorrow. She s my mum. You re in room I m Tom. Ihe Write short answers for each question in Ex. It s in my suitcase. NO, it isn t. It s 3 Is it today? No, it isn t. It s 4 Is Tate Modern a? It s a 5 Is Hampton Court a? A glfe c Work in pairs.

Cover the words. Say the places. Ask What s your favourite. A: What s your favourite supermarket? B: Quickdownload is my favourite.

Match the pictures with the words in the box below. Read your sentences to your partner. Espresso is my favourite. Match a picture A-C to a conversation Complete the phrases below with the words in the box. Repeat the conversations in pairs. Grammar I Can I have. Match a phrase on the left to a phrase on the right. Active grammar Can I have a orange juices, please?

Can I have an cheese sandwich, please? Can I have two iced coffee, please? Anything else? NO, thank you. Can I have. Can I help you? A: Certainly. Anything 2? B: Yes, please. J small chicken salad, too? A: Sure. Pronunciation 7 CD Listen and repeat.

Circle the correct prices in each conversation. Say a price. Your partner writes the price. Speaking 9 a Read the How to. Close your books. Write a conversation in a coffee shop.

Look at the menu. Student A: you are an assistant in a coffee shop. Student B: you are a customer. Order food and drink. Reading 2 a Choose a market or shop in your country. Answer the questions from Ex. Write notes. Match a question in the box to the information Is it free? Where is the market?

New Total English - Starter Students Book.pdf

When is it open? Is it big? What is it? What is on sale in the market? Yes, it is. It s a market for Londoners and tourists. Mod"n It,;n,! Antiques, old clothes and food are popular. Talk about your market or shop. A: Where is it? B: It s in Tokyo. Vocabulary Iclothes and colours 3 a lID listen. Match a colour to the clothes a-i.

What clothes and colours are in your classroom? Listening and speaking 4 look at the How to. Point to the things in the picture below. Talk about the prices. A: How much are they? Complete the questions. Check your answers in tapescript 4. Complete the questions with this, that, these or those. Speaking 8 Work in pairs. Student A: look at the picture in Ex. Write prices for the clothes and bags in the picture.

Student B: ask for the prices of the clothes and bags in the picture in Ex. Writing 9 Write a paragraph about your favourite shop or market from Ex. Use the text about Portobello market to help you. It s in. Where is each photo?

What is in each photo? Match each conversation to a photo. Complete the gaps in the conversations. Two adults and one child? B: Single or return? A: Return. B: That s forty-two thirty, please. Can I have a packet of aspirin, please?

B: Twenty-four, please. B: That s fifteen pounds ninety, please. B: Sure. Sign here, please. Here you are. A: Thanks. A: Thank you. Repeat the conversations. A: Can I have two tickets to London, please. Complete the phrases in the How to. Single or? Here ore. Enter PIN number, please. Write a new conversation in a shop or train station.

Grammar I possessive s 6 a Match the things below to people in the photos. Active grammar Use s to show possession. Kevin It s Kevin s passport. Rosie 3 This is his email address. TakumO 4 What is her address? Adele 5 Are you her brother? Teresa 6 That is his suitcase.

Oanek Speaking 8 a Each student gives something to the teacher e. Check that you know the names for each thing. A: Is that Anna s bag? B: No, it isn t. It s Helen s bag. II Communication Excuse me, where is the. A B c o 1 The car park is on West Street. The chemist is next to the market. Ask questions about the map. B: It s. B: You re welcome. I m sorry. I don t know. Never mind. Ask questions about your map.

Your partner gives you the information. Student A: look at page Use Can Ihave. Are these books free? That hat is great! This jumper is beautiful. Possessive s Use s to show possession. That is Herbie s passport. Mary is Dy1an2 daughter. Those are lady s tickets. How much is that computer? How much Of e those books?

When you say prices, it is normal to leave out the currency. Can I have a chicken sandwich and an espresso, please. ITake away. INo, thank you. I ICertainly. B: It s my new top. B: They re A: It s a present. Happy birthday! B: They re chicken. B: Is thisAhatAheseAhose your car in the car park? A: No, it isn t. My car is blue. B: They re my friends. This is his suitcase. This is lamie s suitcase. That s her baby. That s 3 He s Placido. They re his daughters.

They re 4 That s Jay. That is his restaurant. That s 5 He s Michael. They re his friends. They re 6 She s Lillian. He s her brother. He s 7 This is Pat. They are her children. They re 8 He s my Dad. That s his cafe. That s Add four more possessive s to this email. How are you? What s your news? Our house is very busy. Ann s mother - Hilda - is here. She s in Paul bedroom. Paul is in Tom bedroom with Tom. They aren t happy. Bob - Hilda husband - isn t here.

He s at home with Hilda dog! See you soon, Jay 6 Rearrange the letters to make a word. Repeat the sentences. What cities are in the north, south, east, west and centre of the country? Malago is in the north ofSpain. Ask your teacher or use a dictionary. Talk about the photos. A: What s in photo 8? B: A hill, a river and. What is your favourite place for a holiday? My favourite place for a holiday is the south of France. My favourite place for a holiday is Cornwall.

Cornwall is in the southwest of England. The coast and the countryside are very beautiful and the beaches are great. There are two famous castles in Cornwall.

Tintagel Castle is in the north of Cornwall and Pendennis Castle is in the south. There s a great art gallery in the west of Cornwall. It s calted Tate 5t Ives. There is a new tourist attraction in south-east Cornwall. It s calted The Eden Project. It s near Bodmin. There are plants from alt over the world.

There s a beautiful outdoor theatre in the west of Cornwall. It s called the Minack Theatre. Newquav b I1D Close your books and listen. When you hear the beep , say the next word. Cornwall is in the south-west of beep Students:. Speaking 3 a look at the list. What is important for a good holiday? Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. Extra grammar, vocabulary and functional language exercises Extra reading, listening and pronunciation practice Regular review and consolidation sections show more.

Other books in this series. Add to basket. Review Text New Total English retains all the popular features of the original edition including clear CEF-related objectives which make lesson planning easy. There is a solid grammar syllabus with regular Active Grammar boxes and Reference and Review sections. It al show more. Rating details. Book ratings by Goodreads.

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