Wd my book live 2tb firmware


What is the latest Firmware update for MBL 2TB and can MBL devoice be accesses by MyCloud App on a remote computer on internet. Answer ID | This article explains how to reset a My Book Live or My Book Live Duo. Current Firmware Data recover on a My Book Live 2TB - HELP!. Their MBR (master boot record) containing the partition table will be overwritten. In addition, the original Western Digital firmware's disk format.

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Wd My Book Live 2tb Firmware

I have never downgraded my wd mbl firmware .. I am trying to upgrade my WD My Book Live 2TB from MyBookLive Core F/W. If you want to use the latest WD Firwmare for MyBook Live, you will find it . I opened up my shiny new MyBook Live 2TB, found out that it was. My Book Live is a relatively inexpensive Network Attached Storage (NAS) device from Western Digital. the device, how to install FuguHub, how to perform firmware upgrades after installing FuguHub, and how FuguHub is integrated with the.

Very disappointed with this download. Yes Thanks for the valuable feedback you provided! Manufacturer Response: Hello vj, we apologize for the inconvenience as this is not the intended experience for this product. When using the device on LAN, actual transfer rates can vary based on your local area network topology, system activity, and length of cable. To achieve maximum transfer rates, we recommend using Giga-bit network devices, because your transfer rates will only be as fast as your slowest network component, such as wireless. Information regarding the procedures of how to update the firmware for your device can be located at the following link. Decent Speed: Transferring at I also hit up to

Western Digital My Book Live ("Single") / My Book Live Duo

You can now proceed to configure OpenWrt to your liking, further partition the disk and install additional packages. It will fail to boot boot loop if two disks are used and either contains anything other than the two default OpenWrt partitions.

If both disks contain OpenWrt, all changes to its configuration will be made to the disk in the right bay.

It is actually possible to hot-plug a disk into the other drive bay on a running system, but keep in mind that if you hotplug to the right drive bay, device enumeration will change after a reboot. This means that if the OpenWrt versions differ between drives, for example after a sysupgrade, the kernel would mismatch and the system may not work properly.

This issue has been since remedied, it is advisable to only upgrade to a version newer than the ones affected. It directly takes a gzipped image file ending in. Upgrading from Any partitions you created beyond the default two OpenWrt partitions will be missing.

After upgrading, re-create the missing partitions using fdisk with the exact same parameters. Tell it to use the GPT partition table and re-write it to disk. We installed the supplied software on a Windows 7 laptop.

On hitting the 'discover' button, the software locates the device on the network approximately 5 seconds and then offers to map it as a local drive on your PC. You also get the option to install 'WD Quick View', which adds an icon to the system tray.

Once the software is installed you can move onto the 'next steps'. WD Smartware This software needs to be installed first. The first thing the install process did, was uninstall the WD Quick View software!

Well it said it did, but it still remained running and available in the system tray. It installed WD Smartware version 1. If you then launch this software it analyses you machine to see what categories of content are stored on it.

wd my book live 3 TB NAS HDD

This software is covered in its own section later on. As you can see, ours informed us that we needed to update the firmware but attempting this resulted in an error Communication error: Please see Knowledge Base article It worked on the second attempt though.

The light on the front turned white whilst the update process was underway. The firmware update took about 10 minutes to download over ADSL and about minutes to install. It then seemed to get stuck initialising but, reloading the page after 10 minutes showed it had indeed updated successfully to version 4. Having just updated the firmware we were informed of another new update, "Firmware Update Version found : MyBookLive This V2 update implments changes to the way the remote access is enabled and supported.

The admin web interface is open for anyone on the local network to access.

You need to set a password to make this more secure. Settings System Has a number of sub-tabs: General - Set name, description, language, shows serial number, current disk usage and allows you to register the device.

Updates - View current firmware version, check for updates or update from file. Not sure what this does. Energy Saver - Enable hard disc sleep and set system idle time befeo it cuts in 5mins to 1 hr. You can also request a code for a mobile user and configure and account for web access. Set the Windows workgroup. Setup FTP access account.

Western Digital My Book Live | Macworld

Utilities Run short or long diagnostic test. Factory restore. Reboot or shutdown. You can also initiate a rescan of the media index. Users We created a new user to be used for mobile access. The default share is called 'public' and used by the media server.

We are running Windows 7 Home Premium on most of our laptops, so this the device cannot be used for backups. Support This section provides help information and the ability to raise a support request.

The device is pretty quiet. There are no fans visible and the internal hard disk is well suppressed in terms of noise.

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