format, with the possibility to download IEC snapshots or the ISO standard in PDF format. In order to subscribe please contact your. This collection includes both ISO and IEC graphical symbols that can be placed on in four,.ai, for ISO , and PDF for IEC These International Standards are maintained respectively by IEC/TC 3, possibility to download IEC snapshots or the ISO standard in PDF format.

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Iec 60417 Pdf

IEC “Graphical symbols for use on equipment”. Type CF applied part. To identify a type CF applied part complying with IEC IEC IEC (): "Graphical symbols for use on equipment: Part 1: Overview on the standard grid layout it was decided to versions of all of the. IEC Symbols. CE. CE symbol Roll of PE. Protective Earthing Cond. Roll of a-K. On (power) Roll of a-K. Off (power) Roll of

It therefore offers end-users a "one-stop" shop for all such graphical symbols. Each graphical symbol is identified by a reference number and contains a title in English and French , a graphical representation in GIF and vectorized PDF format, and some additional data as applicable. Various search and navigation facilities allow for easy retrieval of graphical symbols. Customers have the possibility to subscribe to the joint IEC and ISO collection of symbols or to each respective organization's symbols only. IEC collection only If you are only interested in those graphical symbols produced by the IEC, then this restricted collection offers you access to the IEC standard only, with PDF snapshots of the entire collection available for added value. The following localized version is currently available:. All rights reserved. Name ISO Slovakia.

Suitable for use in a bath Short wash programme Laundry starch Gentle spin dry Half load Lightly soiled Medium soiled Heavily soiled or shower Crease resisting Condensate collector.

Condensate collector. Three component video Three component Three component video Two component video Two component video input input. Rechargeable battery Main wash. Zero line shift Correction of a region of Definition of a region of Display in cascade medium input field interest interest Display transfer Limits. Rotation around an axis. Tape end Locking. Two component video Two component video input Two component video input. Mixing of substances Distance measurement Start.

Three component video Three component video Three component video input. Shockwave head.

Keypad Electronic image. CW Ultrasound image. X-ray intensifying screen. Ultrasound image. Television or video Film blackening Electrosurgery. Radiation measurement. Floor standing X-ray Floor standing X-ray Ceiling suspended X-ray Ceiling suspended X-ray Equipment for support at normal speed support at high speed movement to start position source assembly with source assembly with source assembly with source assembly with tomography with tilting horizontal table tilting table horizontal table tilting table table Energy selective radiation Radiation measurement.

M Ultrasound image. Ultrasound receiver. M mode Ultrasound image. Radionuclide scanner Detector head in Detector head in Energy selective radiation Pixel averaging measurement. B and Ultrasound image. Digital indicator Probe angulation Probe. Movement of a patient Movement of a patient Equipment for tomography.

Power symbol - Wikipedia

This is a preview Pencil probe Probe for sector-shaped Linear or curved array Probe for circular sound measuring volume volume movement volume decrease positioning of the focus sound field probe field movement upwards downwards Variation of ultrasound Variation of scan depth Variation of scan aperture Ultrasound receiver.

Respiratory triggering Alignment of the target Driving to the target position Electrode replacement Respiratory mask Tracheal tube Laryngoscope Ampule position position Patient position. Electronic shutters.

Wide-screen Picture adjustment. Displayed image. Central wedge. Power supply type of Auto-transformer. Lamp test Next. Optical focus horizontal keystone keystone pincushion vertical pincushion horizontal bow vertical bow rotation Night portrait mode Low light mode Self-timer World time Summer time Sound and language Camera position selection Memory disk selection Still camera Image display.

Setup Serial interface Printer connection. Pair of students Single frame shot Lighting with reflector Position. X-ray source. DCL circuit proof non-short-circuit locations. Keyboard Locking. Small reactor. Variable isolating Variable safety isolating Constant voltage auto. X-ray image receptor.

Radiodiagnostic Radiodiagnostic automatic Determination of radiography Disc media. Class III handlamps. For indoor use only Radiodiagnostic C-arm. Electronic programme Inlet for liquid. Isolating transformer. Vibration Variability. EPG liquid gas for gas general. Hard disk Computer network Telephone line Mouse compression device. Variable auto. Isolating transformer for Isolating transformer for Isolating transformer for Isolating transformer for Constant voltage Constant voltage isolating Constant voltage safety Variable separating construction sites.

Safety isolating Safety isolating Perturbation attenuation Perturbation attenuation Small reactor. X-ray cassette. X-ray source to image X-ray source to image X-ray source to image Image intensifier. Control transformer. Distance from water level Do not connect to protective Do not remove battery Rough service Press and hold. Do not disconnect under Caution. Separating Separating transformer. Do not expose to Separating transformer. Separating transformer.

Menu invocation key Operating system key Keep out of reach of Class II equipment with Unicode mode general general children functional earthing.

Rated power output. Rated power input. Class II equipment with functional grounding US Moisture sensitive Retrofit lamp. Speech output Audio description Caution. Switch to hexadecimal Switch to specific group. Latch to specific group.

Low line Dash. Visible radiation. Flames kept away Ultraviolet radiation.

Electronic Electronic controlgear. Do not stare at light Residual current sensitive Humidity sensor. Keep out of microwave Live working. Aiming beam. Live working. Immediate stop. SMPS RF coil.

Quotation mark. Not suitable for use under Flame propagating Separate supply unit Installation. Aiming beam electrode. Apostrophe Quotation mark. Regulated load Caution. Isolated gripping-lug Household socket outlet. Gas discharge tube. Ignition transformer. Hearing aid Own ship. Residual current sensitive Residual current sensitive Caution. Own ship. Cap height marker. Permanent -magnet Permanent -magnet Moving-iron instrument.

Electrodynamic Electro-dynamic ferro. Scanned image. Welding power output. Induction instrument Induction ratiometer. EO Vascular image recognition. Power supply unit. Moving permanent. Moving-iron ratiometer. EI Vascular image Collector position Position of use. Electrode holder. PC Contrast. Welding power source. Thermal converter. Hexagon Suitable for uninsulated Ultra-violet light source.

Address book Area. Moving-iron instrument. AI Welding power Welding power output. Welding time. Vascular image recognition. Bimetallic instrument Electrostatic instrument Vibrating-reed instrument. Waste bin. Electrodynamic moving-coil instrument ratiometer. Scan mode Personal computer. Electro-dynamic ferror. Wireless signal level. ACK success. Not suitable for outlet Tropical climate Standing position. Rough surface IP-code Lamp controlgear. Normal-superconducting systems single-phase systems padlocked.

Standing position. Josephson junction Phacofragmentation Fragmentation. Air flow.

GPS strong signal strong signal A ACK A: Negative Negative acknowledgement. NACK NACK application index finger of right hand four fingers of right hand thumb of right hand failure. Protection against the Facial image capture Single person No hat No sunglasses Neutral expression Hair up View direction thermal effect of the electric arc UMF Wireless signal level.

Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. As ISO As Jump to Page. Search inside document. Subscriptions Customers have the possibility to subscribe to the joint IEC and ISO collection of symbols or to each respective organization's symbols only. The following localized version is currently available: All rights reserved shape. Temmy Candra Wijaya. Anonymous hCpii4. Ivan Antonio Torres Ramos.

Adsens Clicker. Soe Sithu Naing. The internationally standardized symbols are intended to communicate their function in a language-independent manner. Originally, most early power controls consisted of switches that were toggled between two states demarcated by the words On and Off.

IEC 60417-2

As technology became more ubiquitous, these English words were replaced with the universal symbols line " " and circle "o" typically without serifs to bypass language barriers. This standard is still used on toggle power switches. The symbol for the standby button was created by superimposing the symbols " " and "o"; however, it is commonly interpreted as the numerals "0" and "1". Yet the IEC holds these symbols as a graphical representation of a line and a circle. Because the exact meaning of the standby symbol on a given device may be unclear until the control is tried, it has been proposed that a separate sleep symbol, a waning moon, instead be used to indicate a low power state.

Under this proposal, the older standby symbol would be redefined as a generic "power" indication, in cases where the difference between it and the other power symbols would not present a safety concern.

Universal power symbols are described in the International Electrotechnical Commission standard, Graphical symbols for use on equipment , appearing in the edition of the document as IEC and informally used earlier. Because of widespread use of the power symbol, a campaign was launched to add the set of characters to Unicode.

The standby symbol, frequently seen on personal computers , is a popular icon among technology enthusiasts.

iec 60417 graphical symbols for use on equipment 2H9Np6h.pdf (15.08 KB)

It is often found emblazoned on fashion items including t-shirts and cuff-links. In March , the New York City health department announced they would be using it on condom wrappers. The power symbol was a part of exhibition at MoMA. In the television series Sense8 , the hacktivist character Nomi has a tattoo of the power symbol behind her ear. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This article contains special characters. Without proper rendering support , you may see question marks, boxes, or other symbols. California Energy Commission. Retrieved American Institute of Physics.

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