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Therapeutic and fun, Secret Garden Coloring Book by Johanna Basford is welcomed since its publishing. It's not only a coloring book, but also. Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book by Johanna Basford. Nice Little Town (Adult Coloring Book, PDF, Digital Pages, For Stress. had so many stock issues with both Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest. fault, we just didn't anticipate the massive global demand for the books. Click here to download the PDF, print out the pages and get colouring!.

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Secret Garden Colouring Book Pdf

Get lost in the meditative art of coloring with intricately detailed pages from. SECRET GARDEN. An Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book. By Johanna Basford. download secret garden an inky treasure hunt and coloring book pdf pages 81tivd. Secret garden coloring book pdf pages adult page fish animals archives. Secret. This books (Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Colouring Book [PDF]) Made by About Books Coloring book for older children and.

Well, anytime something becomes wildly popular, there are going to be people who wish to take advantage of its popularity to cash in. The adult coloring trend is no exception. Every day, more spammy, scammy, and just plain bad coloring books are appearing on site. Did you know that from late through these first six months of , approximately new coloring books are being released every month on site? And unfortunately, a lot of these new coloring books are fakes or poor quality books. Defining Bad Coloring Books What makes a coloring book bad, and how do you spot the fakes and the scams? Here are some examples and criteria: Knock-off Fakes of a Popular Title Johanna Basford fans might be familiar with this one. Unscrupulous overseas sellers will take a popular title and reproduce its contents using cheaper quality printing, binding, and paper, and sell it online or through brick and mortar discount stores. Unoriginal Art or Designs This can include outright pirated content as well as stock images such as clip art. Pirated Images A large number of the fake books on site are made up of poor quality, low resolution, pirated images taken from image search results without obtaining permission from the artist.

One of the shortcuts taken by the get-rich-quick publishers, is to use software to churn out hundreds of images per hour usually mandalas and patterns. These are often very simple and repetitive designs lacking the organic quality of true art. Avoiding Bad Coloring Books So now that you know what makes a bad coloring book, how do you avoid them?

Look to see if the images are consistent in style and appropriate to the theme of the book. If the book is supposed to be about woodland creatures but LITB shows a bunch of geometric mandalas, you probably are looking at a pirated book. It can take days several days or weeks for LITB to become available for a new book, however, so sometimes this is not an option.

Genuine artists with a quality book will always have a web presence of some kind. The same goes for online if it seems to good to be true; ask around before you fall for cheap knock-off from those deal-of-the-day sites. Author Name Click on the author name on site and see if you get an author page or simply a search result page.

Quality authors will have set up an author page on site with a bio, follow me button, and links to all their books. Does the author have hundreds of other books listed? Both of these can be red flags.

Look at the publication dates of the books. If you are seeing a large number of books published in a short amount of time, there is a good chance they are producing bad coloring books.

Free and Printable Secret Garden Coloring Book in PDF | Cisdem

The book covers are also unprofessional with grammar and spelling errors. Is the author using a real name or a generic pen name? Use this as one more gauge in your quest for clues.

This fake coloring book uses the same book title for its author name and series title. The trick here is that Kindle Unlimited pays its authors based on number of pages read. They are not thinking of you.

There is also a real danger of getting a computer virus or malware from these download links as they are not monitored or verified by site at all. Poor spelling and grammar can indicate a bad coloring book. Is the cover professional in appearance, with good spelling and grammar?

That said, once again this is only one part of the puzzle—a bad book can also have a very good cover as scammers take advantage of templates and cheap overseas design services to put a pretty wrapper on their garbage books. Or, just like the content of these fake coloring books, the cover might be pirated, as seen above.

Also look at the back cover of the book.


Is it plain except for an ISBN, or does it show examples and describe the book? The real artist of this copyright-protected page is producing an adult coloring book for Blue Star Coloring.

Book Description Read that book description and look for one that is well-written and professional, with good spelling and grammar.

Does the description mention original designs or hand-drawn art? Does it ring true? Watch out for excessive use of repetitive keywords, weird word combinations, unrealistic claims, and vague descriptions. Good coloring book authors will want you to know the number of illustrations found in the book, the types of illustrations, and whether they are printed on only one side of the paper.

This coloring book description is a bunch of keyword-filled nonsense.

What are the chances??? Copyright Page Who looks at the copyright page, right? But the copyright page can provide clues to whether the book publisher understands copyright or not. Lots of one star reviews? You might be looking at a pirated coloring book! Look at Reviews If there are reviews, look at the low ratings and see what the comments are.

Customers are getting better at spotting the stock image and pirated books and often want to warn other colorists. If all the reviews are good, look for reviews with pictures from the book, and make sure the comments ring true.

If you enjoy coloring books, please help your favorite coloring book artist out by reviewing their books, and help other colorists by posting reviews for the bad books as well. Page Count site will always list the page count for books.

Secret Garden Coloring Book Pens Owl

Most colorists want images printed on only one side of the paper, and if this is important to you, you will want to check that the page count listed is more than double the number of illustrations that is said to be in the book. As mentioned earlier, many scam books are published through CreateSpace, a print-on-demand company owned by site. Because I am proud of what I created and want it distinguished and identified as my brand.

Tricksters producing bad coloring books will often show CreateSpace as the publisher if the book is offered through site.

This area of the product listing on site is also where you will find the page count, the book dimensions, and the series title. So the number one thing you can do to guarantee you are getting a good coloring book with artwork you will enjoy coloring is… Get to Know the Artists You Love The Adult Coloring Book Treasury series is a great way to sample work from a variety of independent coloring book artists including me!

I've only used gel pens, and so far, I love it - the colors come out just as vibrant as markers, but dry more evenly and don't bleed through. The paper takes the gel pen ink very well - it is heavier weighted paper not quite as heavy as card stock and a tiny bit waxy, which allows the ink to flow more easily before drying.

The paper is heavy enough that I don't mind the pictures being double sided at all. But again, if you aren't one to doodle, and are just looking to color her art, there are tons of full drawings to keep you occupied for quite some time. I have been consumed with spending almost all of my spare time coloring this book, while Netflix plays in the background.

It's a peaceful and entertaining activity that gets your creative juices flowing that was much needed for me, since I wasn't using my creative skills enough til now. I can't say how much I love this product and that I am very happy Johanna Basford decided to make a coloring book. I can't wait for my copy of Enchanted Forest to come in and to see what her third book will look like - I know I will definitely be ordering a copy for sure! So much fun.

HOURS of endless coloring, even the inside dust cover has entertained me for endless hours! You will not be disappointed. download this for every color enthusiast you know!!

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