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Download All VU Subjects Complete Handouts in PDF Files By Clicking on Subjects Names. How to download handouts. ACC Fundamentals of Auditing . We provide services to students and learners by presenting the latest, effective and comprehensive video lectures, notes, and much more stuff. Download (VU) All Subjects Handouts & Books PDF. Handouts Of All Subjects. Click To Choose Your Subject For Handouts. Computer Science (CS).

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STA – Statistics and Probability. Virtual University of Pakistan iii. Box and Whisker Plot. Pearson's Coefficient of Skewness. LECTURE NO. Bowley's. ARPANET – .. Intel – .. Altair presented by Dr. Pervez Amirali Hoodbhoy, professor of physics at Quaid-e- Azam University,. Islamabad, for the Virtual University of Pakistan,. Lahore.

Computer Graphics involves technology to accept, process, transform and present information in a visual form that also concerns with producing images or animations using a computer. There are certain important reasons to study computer graphics. We will discuss them under certain heads: Visualization I like to see what I am doing. Many a times it happens that you perform certain tasks which you cannot visualize; for example as a student of data structures, you implement trees, graphs and other Abstract Data Types ADTs but you cannot visualize them whereas you must be having an inner quest to see what these actually look like. I like to show people what I am doing. Similarly at certain times you would be performing certain tasks which you know but it would be difficult for others to understand them so there is very important requirement of showing the things in order to make them understandable. Graphics is interesting We are visual creatures and for us a picture is worth a thousand words. If we can get rid of text based static screen and get some graphics; its always interesting to see things in colours and motion on the screen. Therefore graphics is interesting because it involves simulation, algorithm, and architecture. Requirement Well there are certain areas which require use of computer graphics heavily. One example is drawing of machines. It is required to prepare drawing of a machine before the actual production. The other heavy requirement is for architects as they have to prepare a complete blue print of the building they have to build long before the actual construction work gets underway. AutoCAD and other applications of the kind are heavily used today for building architecture. Entertainment Merely a couple of decades back, the idea of a 24 hours Cartoons Network was really a far fetched one.

Both the initial and final states can be expressed as predicates involving the input and output variables. Often the predicate describing the initial state is called the pre-condition of the algorithm and the predicate describing the final state is called the post-condition of the algorithm.

Algorithm to compute a product of two nonnegative integers pre-condition: The input variables m and n are nonnegative integers.

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Algorithm to find the quotient and remainder of the division of one positive integer by another pre-condition: The input variables a and b are positive integers.

Algorithm to sort a one-dimensional array of real numbers Pre-condition: The input variable A[1], A[2],.

A[n] is a one-dimensional array of real numbers. B[n] is a one-dimensional array of real numbers with same elements as A[1], A[2],.

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It is based on the principle of mathematical induction. None contain branching statements that lead outside the loop. Also let a predicate I n , called the loop invariant, be given. If the following four properties are true, then the loop is correct with respect to its pre- and post-conditions.

Entertainment Merely a couple of decades back, the idea of a 24 hours Cartoons Network was really a far fetched one.

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That was the time when one would wait for a whole week long before getting an entertainment of mere 15 minutes. Well thanks to computer graphics that have enabled us to entertain ourselves with animated movies, cartoons etc. He created a series of widely reproduced images on a plotter exploring cockpit design using a 3D model of a human body.

Computer graphics applications are found in almost all areas. Here we will discuss some of the important areas including: i.

User Interfaces ii. Layout and Design iii. Scientific Visualization and Analysis iv.

Art and Design v. Medicine and Virtual Surgery vi. The best part is that these handouts will not only help you pass the exam but give you a better understanding of financial accounting.

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It is why you should download these mgt handouts pdf. Easy to understand handouts These handouts will cover all the topics related to the Basic Concepts of Accounting.

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Learning entries both single and double is not easy. But when you use the handouts, you will find that everything is easy. The handouts have everything in detail.

These handouts are like teachers. These are easy to read and understand.

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