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This time Field of Glory 3rd Edition (or FOG3) has been licensed by I snagged an advance PDF copy and given I have both played and. Do battle with friends and enemies alike with Field of Glory: Renaissance, the miniatures tabletop wargaming rules. Field of Glory is a historical miniature tabletop wargaming rules system for anyone interested in recreating the battles of the ancient and medieval eras.

The 1. Particularly important fixes include the resolution of several multiplayer issues from 1. The comprehensive 1. Also included are over a dozen rule tweaks, a new battle for Storm of Arrows owners, and a few fixes for bugs in the DAG and general gameplay. Please note that this update is incremental and will require that Field of Glory be updated to version 1. This update is also required for ongoing multiplayer play and will be required for the upcoming Storm of Arrows expansion, which adds the armies of Medieval Western Europe to the Field of Glory system. English Genre: Tactical Turns: Basic Period: Official Forum. Spartan is an Empire building turn based strategy game, where the focus is on building an empire through diplomacy, trade, research, and war, but less focus on the battles than you would find in a real-time strategy game. It is designed for people who are interested in the period and those strategy gamers who prefer to have time to think about their decisions.

The reader allows live updates to the rules, making it easy for the players to always have an up-to-date version. In the past Wargamers have had to wait far too long for updates, often dependent on print stocks diminishing and even then, as wargamers know, compromises were made to avoid changes to Army Lists.

The move to digital will completely obliterate these constraints. Updates and changes will in future be downloadable so that the system will always be up-to-date with the latest feedback and improvements.

The app has all 13 army books available as in-app downloads - that's the entire series! This series is intended to give both beginner and expert gamers everything they need to play the battles of ancient and medieval eras on their tabletops.

Tested and created by gaming experts, this series includes a digital rulebook detailing the gaming system, and companion digital army books which help players select and build their historically accurate army with the relevant units or troop types they want to take onto the field of battle. The striking Field of Glory digital rulebook includes color coding for easy navigation, clear photographs of miniatures and diagrams showing rules examples, troop placements, scale considerations and more , detailed Osprey artwork, a comprehensive painting guide, an overview of the history of this world of warfare, organization tables and a background to the men who fought on the ground.

Containing two ready to use army lists, this digital rulebook can either stand alone and be used for immediate gaming, or can be combined with the companion volumes to recreate a more diverse range of conflicts. What this doesn't tell you however is the friendship and fun that can be had while enjoying a good wargame.

Then you have the chance to re-live the battle down the pub afterwards!

Field of Glory Armies

This is not a computer game - this is a digital copy of the Field of Glory 2. It seems simple, but FOG3 carries on the tradition of parsing its historical realism through a lot of detailed and complex procedures. For example, expanding the frontage of a unit two stands while advancing proves Simple for Skirmishers, but Impossible for Pikemen and Complex for other drilled troops.

Yes that detailed.

Review: Field of Glory (3rd Edition) | Wargamer

Yes that complex. Combat is ultimately based on the old WRG Wargames Research Group , I played the 6 th Edition process, whether shooting or crossing spathas, though there are some significant differences. In short each stand in Impact or Melee gets a certain number of six sided dice to throw.

In Impact, Scythed Chariots get four dice per stand; everyone else gets three but only two if facing elephants prepare to mortgage your house for the number of dice needed.

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Then depending on the quality and equipment of the troops in combat, plus the tactical situation, one can gain or lose Points of Advantage POAs over his enemy. Then Cohesion tests and Retreats follow for the side inflicting the least hits.

Ground and time scales remain undefined, although soldiers is said to be an average per stand. The troop stands themselves are 40 mm wide with varying depths and figures per stand to replicate troop types. This game is detailed and complex, and its changes seem substantial yet subtle, but hidden. You have to really go through this game with a fine tooth comb while comparing it with its predecessors to find the changes.

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Most are simply changes to existing text, charts and die roll modifiers, outside one new Appendix called Ready Reckoner.

FOG3 could really do with a couple of pages that summarize all the changes and reference page numbers. Or as I have done with updates to my own Napoleonic rules and shamelessly ripping off the US Army regulation system , underline the changes so they pop out.

Fortunately I was able to draw on a couple of outside sources to guide my play last weekend, and overall FOG3 seems a bit faster than before, and somewhat less complex. Notice I said less complex, not simple.

This is not necessarily a problem. The game is still targeted at the tournament crowd and not towards simulating large historical ancient battles which saw 60, warriors per side.


A traditional per stand point system is included, basing cost on unit formation, quality, armor and weapons type. If you are new to tabletop miniatures gaming you can find out more details on wikipedia. What this doesn't tell you however is the friendship and fun that can be had while enjoying a good wargame.

Then you have the chance to re-live the battle down the pub afterwards! Please note that this is version 2. A great place to find clubs is the British Historical Games Society.

They have a list of clubs in the UK and a list of international groups and societies. You can also ask for help in our friendly forums where thousands of gamers from around the world gather to chat about anything related to gaming. English Genre: Simulation, Tactical Turns: Turn-Based Complexity: Advanced Period: Developer Osprey Publishing. Official Forum.