How much time does it take to learn PEGA Tool? Well, that Can I get Training materials like pdf, ppt, and user guide on Wikipedia for PEGA?. Pega Tutorial PDF - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Pega Tutorial PDF. The tutorials and how to articles listed in this section help you learn more about the Pega® Mobile Client. The Pega Mobile Client is a service.

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Pega Tutorial Pdf

Pega Academy's courses, designed and developed by Pega's certified experts, provide you with the knowledge needed to master our enterprise software and. Our technology – Pegasystems PegaRULES Process Commander® (PRPC) .. Business documentation is generated from the same tool (PRPC) that describes. Completing the course Self Study on Pega Discovery Network (PDN) | Build with Pega, understanding the exercises and the quiz questions should be sufficient.

This document describes products and services of Pegasystems Inc. It may contain trade secrets and proprietary information. The document and product are protected by copyright and distributed under licenses restricting their use, copying distribution, or transmittal in any form without prior written authorization of Pegasystems Inc. This document is current as of the date of publication only. Changes in the document may be made from time to time at the discretion of Pegasystems. This document remains the property of Pegasystems and must be returned to it upon request. This document does not imply any commitment to offer or deliver the products or services described. This document may include references to Pegasystems product features that have not been licensed by your company. If you have questions about whether a particular capability is included in your installation, please consult your Pegasystems service consultant. For Pegasystems trademarks and registered trademarks, all rights reserved. Other brand or product names are trademarks of their respective holders. This document is the property of:

Allow selection of rules based on property values Circumstance Qualified This checkbox allows the rule to be Circumstance-qualified.

If this box is not checked, Circumstances and Circumstance Dates may not be used with this rule. For example, Declarative rules may not use Circumstances, and this feature is missing from those rules. NOTE: If the Allow multiple versions with the same key values box is not checked, then this choice is not valid. Allow rules that are only valid for a certain period of time Date Range Availability This checkbox allows the rule to be qualified by a Date Range.

If this box is not checked, then a Date Range is not valid for this rule. Declarative rules also may not use Date Ranges. Use class-based inheritance to arrive at the correct rule to execute This field defines how inheritance through the class hierarchy affects this rule. For rules which are defined on other rules such as Activities , this checkbox will affect how rule resolution searches for rules in the system.

Details on the functionality enabled by this checkbox are in the next section. Class Inheritance and Rule Resolution As stated above, the Use class-based inheritance to arrive at the correct rule to execute checkbox defines how inheritance through the class hierarchy affects this rule. In the above example, the activity DisplayFlowAction is defined on the class Work-.

Pega Tutorial PDF

Other rules, such as Rule-Method, do not have the Use class-based inheritance box checked. Instances of this rule will not be defined on any classes, and will not have the Applies To field on its instances. Thus, an instance of the class Work-Cover-GeneralTask will not only be able to use the activities, properties, etc. When a particular activity or property or other such rule is called during processing, the application will search for that rule in the class where it was called.

If the rule is not present in that class, Process Commander will search other classes, based on specific procedures. This section describes the paradigm used to search the class hierarchy during rule resolution. In PegaRULES, each class that is defined in the system may have one or two parents, depending upon the type of inheritance specified: pattern inheritance directed inheritance Note that directed inheritance always applies, whether pattern inheritance is enabled or not.

The Class Inheritance section of the class form defines the class hierarchy and inheritance for this class, which is then used when determining what rule to use in Rule Resolution. If this box is checked, then when the system is searching for a particular rule defined on this class, it will use pattern inheritance to search through all the classes linked in the hierarchy.

Parent class to inherit from Directed determines directed inheritance. This field holds the immediate parent, by directed inheritance, to use for this class.

Pattern inheritance is always checked first. Note that pattern inheritance will cause the system to search all the way through the class pattern hierarchy before checking directed inheritance. It is possible to independently change the definition of Display in any or all of these other classes, and then, depending upon Rule Resolution - what circumstances are present and what rules are being used at the time - different versions of Display will be selected by the system.

Rule Resolution will search for the activity Display, and choose the Display which is defined on the class closest in the inheritance path to the one that is being requested. Directed Inheritance Directed inheritance allows the user to specify or direct from what classes the current class may inherit.

Directed inheritance classes do not have to have the same name as the current class. A directed inheritance class is required for each class being defined.

PEGACSA71V1 Exam Guide Pdf - Best Way To Pass The Pegasystems PEGACSA71V1 exam

The field will default to the pattern class parent; the developer then may change this if they wish. By default, all base classes Work-, Data-, etc. If this kind of circular inheritance does happen, however, the system knows to go through a class only once. Developers who are creating classes should be very careful whether they create the class with a dash on the end or not.

Class Hierarchy Search Protocol When the system is searching for a particular rule defined on a class the activity Display, for example , it will search by pattern inheritance first unless the pattern inheritance is unchecked, which should be extremely rare.

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Here are some of the features of PEGA 7: Omni-Channel UX: With the introduction of this feature in PEGA 7 now applications development for all kind of devices mobile, desktop, tablet, webpage etc will be simpler and cost effective. Omni-Channel UX gives the ability to developer to design the page once and forget about how it will looks on small devices like mobile Smartphone, tablets and on large devices like desktop.

The Omni-Channel UX will take care of displaying the pages correctly on all kind of devices. Embed PEGA screen to existing webpage: What is PEGA? What is BPM? PEGA Pulse: With PEGA 7 users can incorporate and integrate social tools into their work. You can also include conversion from external social media tool such as facebook, twitter etc.

It will be interesting to watch this feature. UI Inspector: With PEGA 7 developers can hover over the user interfaces and it will show the related information in a panel quickly. Email This BlogThis! Priya Kannan June 26, at Priya Kannan June 27, at 2: Priya Kannan June 28, at 2: Sheela Prajapati October 10, at 5: David lee February 15, at 5: Kamal July 5, at Newer Post Older Post Home.

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