The Real Book may refer to a number of compilations of lead sheets for jazz standards. It usually refers to the first volume of a series of books transcribed and collated by Berklee College of Music students during the s. The name distinguishes it from widely available fake books, which print only. Get the guaranteed lowest prices, largest selection and free shipping on most Real & Fake Books at Musician's Friend. The Fake Book Index - locate tunes by title search in over 70 jazz fake books. The Real Little Ultimate Jazz Fake Book - Hal Leonard. Thelonious Monk Fake.

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Real Fake Book

Each song in a fake book contains the melody line, basic chords, and lyrics - the minimal The Real Book - Fifth Edition - F - Bass Clef. - -. texts. In each case you'll find the “Real Book player.” The Real Book player is the musician that learns tunes out of a fake book, practices in front of a. How to Get Real with a Fake Book: A Guide for the Piano Arranger [Steve Rawlins] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. (Creative Concepts.

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Creative Concepts Publishing. Ideal for any musician who wants to play or write notes that are not found on the printed page! Read more Read less. Discover Prime Book Box for Kids.

Those are the original chords of the song, and they are the chords that are most commonly played on recordings from the s and s. But if a book is going to be the main book that people use, the original chords for a tune should be at the very least included, and any alternate chord changes should be indicated as such.

In other cases, the melody for an older standard was written out as someone might freely interpret it, instead of how it is was published, or how it generally thought to exist in its pure form.

It’s time to get rid of your Real Book.

One example of this is Basin St. Blues, from the original Real Book Vol.

I think someone playing this chart note-for-note could sound pretty swinging, but this is clearly not the melody for Basin Street Blues.

For this chart to work, everyone on stage would have to already know the song. Not every older tune was embellished like this; a lot of standards and showtunes were transcribed in those bootleg Real Books with only minor deviations from their original melodies and original chord progressions.

It would be understandable that a book written by jazz musicians would have mistakes or inconsistencies when it comes to the old popular standards and showtunes.

Fake Books

Blue Train is the title track of one of the most enduring LPs of its era. For one, the title of this song should be Blue Train. Blue Train is the name of the song and the name of the album it appeared on.

Where did they come from? Please do not ask us about obtaining them as you will not get any reply. What This Index Is For It's for locating tunes rapidly without having to pull armloads of fakebooks off your bookshelf - you can go straight to the right one s.

Also if you want to download a new fakebook, it might help you to decide which one you want.

This page does not yet have sponsors in other territories. We have no information about obtaining any illegal publications, nor do we recommend you to try to obtain such things.

Search Tips You should type one or more words or partial words separated by spaces, in the text field alongside the "Search" button. All matching is case insensitive, and all characters typed are searched for literally so don't use quotation marks unless the title you're looking for has quotation marks in it. It doesn't make any difference what order you type your words in, but every word or partial word you type must be matched by some part of the title to get a hit on that title.

If you give a very short search string such as "a" or "love" then this will match too many titles for the search to be useful. In , Hal Leonard published a licensed edition, which paid royalties. Each edition is paginated identically.

Those were the songs that were played most in Boston in the early s when the book was written. They asked permission to use some of his songs, and he agreed.

The Fake Book Index

Swallow asked Bley and Steve Kuhn if they wanted some of their songs included, and they did; so they all contributed lead sheets. Swallow helped briefly with editing. Then I watched these guys finally get the book together. One of them had a beautiful manuscript that subsequently became classic—it's called the Real Book font, and it imitates with uncanny accuracy his hand.

He went on to be a big-time music copyist in Hollywood The irony is that shortly after the book was put out, some other people realized they could photocopy it and sell it themselves, and the two guys who did all the work and put the book together made a lot less money than they had hoped to because there were imitation Real Books out there almost immediately The Real Book was imperfect; there were wrong changes throughout it, but it was tremendously more accurate than what existed previously.

And also, it was a lot more legible; it was easy to read. Only the first volume is the original. The two following volumes of The Real Book were produced.

The Fake Book Index

Volume 2 is printed in characteristically 'rough' handwriting and transcription, while the third volume is typeset on a computer. The transcriptions in The Real Book are unlicensed; no royalties are paid to the musicians whose songs appear in the book.

Consequently, the book violates copyright and is therefore illegal. In the past, it was usually sold surreptitiously in local music stores, often hidden behind the counter for customers who asked. PDF editions of the book are often available illegally on P2P networks. The name is most likely a play on words from the common name for these types of song folios: But it could have been influenced by the Boston alternative weekly newspaper, The Real Paper , started by writers of The Phoenix newspaper in Boston after a labor dispute.

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