WordPad Tutorial - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Wordpad Tutorial, Keyboard Shortcuts and Exercises V2 - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. WordPad. Maureen Smith, Professor. Saddleback College. Windows 98 - Unit 5 In WordPad, can open documents created in any version of Word for Windows.

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Wordpad Tutorial Pdf

This tutorial will give you enough understanding on MS Word from where you can take yourself to in this tutorial, please notify us at [email protected] However, if you are in a hurry and you do not have time to read that tutorial too, know that a quick way to open WordPad, is to use the search. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page

Or even if you have heard about it, you have not used it, or you may have simply forgotten about its existence. Well, if we need a basic text editor, we use the Notepad. If we need an advanced text editor, we use Microsoft Word. But somewhere in the middle, with more features than the humble Notepad, but lesser features than the mighty Word software, stands Wordpad — which is free! It has always been there, but never really used much. In this post, today, we will take a look at it, see how to use Wordpad in Windows 10 and reset Wordpad settings, if things go wrong. This will open WordPad. To open Wordpad, you can also use the Run command write.

Saving options offered by WordPad Choose the file format that you like best, select the location of the file, and then type its name. When done, click or tap on the Save button. Saving a WordPad document The document is saved immediately.

Now let's see how to open it later if you need to work with it again. Open a document in WordPad Then the Open window shows up: navigate to the location where the document is found, select it, and click or tap on the Open button. Selecting the document to open in WordPad If you want to open one of the documents with which you have worked recently, you can also go to the File menu and, on its right, you should find a list with all your Recent documents.

Recent documents displayed in WordPad Click or tap the document that you want to open. Learning to use the Recent documents list can save you some time when working with WordPad. How to edit an existing WordPad document If you want to edit a document WordPad, you have to make use of the two tabs from its user interface: Home and View.

The first tab, the one named Home, includes customization options that are grouped according to their purposes, and are related to the use of the: Clipboard : includes a set of buttons which allow you to Copy, Paste or Cut items in your document. Of course, you can also use the keyboard shortcuts to perform the same actions.

Font and Paragraph: probably the most critical sections of the Home tab, these two sections offer you the opportunity to change things like the text spacing used, the alignment, the font, size or color.

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All you have to do is select the text you want to customize, and then select the formatting options you want to apply, from the Font and Paragraph areas. Insert: is the place where you can find options for inserting pictures, custom drawings, date and time or others objects such as, for example, charts or different documents. Editing: is the last section of the Home tab and offers options like Find, Replace or Select all.

The Home tab in WordPad The second tab from the ribbon menu in WordPad, the which is called View, offers a series of options regarding the elements displayed in the WordPad window, like Zoom and the ability to Show or hide the Ruler or the Status bar.

How to Use WordPad in Windows 7 - dummies

It also lets you choose whether you want to use Word wrap or customize the Measurement units. WordPad has three options for printing documents: Print, Quick print and Print preview. Printing documents from WordPad If you select Print preview from the Print menu, you can see how the document will look before you print it.

When you are done with the preview of the document, click or tap "Close print preview. When you finish setting things up, click or tap on the Print button. Selecting the printer in WordPad The Quick print option automatically prints the document using your default printer.

Conclusion As you have seen, the WordPad application included in Windows can successfully replace Microsoft Word for the casual user, providing all the essential tools for editing and viewing documents. To change the page layout such as margins and whether the page is printed vertically or horizontally, for example , use the Page Setup dialog box. To open it, click the down arrow next to the icon that looks like a piece of paper.

Then choose Page Setup. Tabs are complicated. Every paragraph has tab stops set every half inch.

WordPad Tutorial

To insert a new tab, just press the Tab key. Add additional tab stops by clicking where you want in the ruler.

You can also set tabs by clicking the tiny side arrow to the right of the word Paragraph and then clicking the Tabs button. If you create a tab stop, it only applies to the selected paragraph.

So, select all the paragraphs you need before adding a tab stop. WordPad allows you to save your documents in formats that will hold on to the new formatting.

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You can choose from the following formats: Rich Text Format RTF preserves basic formatting when read by a variety of word processors.

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